Fifteen Teams With Realistic Shot At Winning It All


When it comes to winning a national title in college football, nothing is more important than talent. While it takes the right coaching to mold those players, it still all starts with talent. 

Since the inception of the College Football Playoff, one surefire way to differentiate the contenders from the pretenders has been to look at what is called the "Blue Chip Ratio" of each team. 

In other words, how many four and five-star prospects a team signs over their last four classes, compared to the two and three-star prospects signed. 

Recently, 247 Sports put out a list of teams capable of winning it all that based on this blue-chip ratio. This year's list has fifteen contenders. 

2020 Blue Chip Ratios per 247 Sports

Teams with less than a 50-percent blue-chip ratio are ruled out from the start. The 2016 Clemson team, with a ratio of 52 percent, was the team with the lowest percentage to win a title in the CFP era. 

Last year, LSU won it with a blue-chip ratio of 64 percent, while the 2018 Clemson team won it with a 61 percent ratio. 

The SEC is well represented here, accounting for six of the 15 teams, while only one team from the ACC makes the cut after having three teams on the list last season. 

Miami and Florida State were both over 50 percent last season, but both just barely missed out this year, while Texas A&M is the lone newcomer to the list. 

While there is no absolute when it comes to deciding who will or will not bring home a national championship, looking at these ratios have been very reliable when it comes to knowing which teams won't win one. 

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J Clarke
J Clarke

The ratio nixes the development of players, which has been Clemson's strong suit. TAM is now on the list with players, but Fisher has been the worst at developing players. An interesting question would be how many 3 star or less players have been drafted from each team. I think Clemson would win that going away.