Clemson A Top 10 Tailgating Destination

Travis Boland and Fansided recently ranked 10 greatest tailgating spots for the upcoming football season.

Tailgating is a unique aspect of college football. The food, fun and fellowship are sometimes just as important as the outcome of the game.

Of the 10 schools listed, Clemson ranked No. 8 and was the lone ACC school to make the list. Phil Poling of wrote Clemson being one of the most dominant programs in the last few years helps a tailgate.

"The tailgating doesn’t stop when the games start, though, as Clemson continues to allow pass-outs which grant fans an opportunity to leave and re-enter Memorial Stadium," Poling said. "They’re subject to security screenings, but that’s the price you have to pay."

247 Sports writer Brad Crawford said Clemson creates the top tailgating and pre-game experience in the ACC.

"At a school that has won two national championships in the past four seasons, Clemson fans are diehard from sun up to sun down in the fall," Crawford wrote. "The 'Tiger Walk' is something you'll want to make sure you see."

Tiger Walk is a newer tradition at Clemson, started in 2008 by head coach Dabo Swinney. It is continually mentioned as something to take part in if you make the trip to Clemson. The Tigers also get credit for what is called "The most exciting 25 seconds in college football," as the team enters the stadium and runs down the Hill.

In an article with, former Clemson student and president of Central Spirit Elizabeth Marks called the Clemson culture a family reunion.

"There are tailgates all across campus everywhere you look, involving families with young children, college kids, Clemson alumni who haven’t missed a game in 50 years, and fans of the opposing teams," Marks said. "Tailgating at Clemson is a family affair, perhaps not always in blood, but in Southern hospitality and friendship."

Marks said each school has a different feel and approach when it comes to tailgating.

"The atmosphere of Clemson tailgating is so unique. The hospitality is unlike any other school, and you will feel welcomed and at home from the moment you step onto our campus, even if you happen to be wearing colors other than orange," Marks said.

Here is the entire Top 10:

10. Nebraska

9. Iowa

8. Clemson

7. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma

5. Washington

4. Louisiana State

3. Tennessee

2. South Carolina

1. Mississippi

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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall

I've heard about how great of a trip Ole Miss is but would have never thought South Carolina would be so high.