Jets Darnold Not Focused On Clemson Quarterback

Travis Boland

The New York Jets are currently in position to have the first overall pick at the 2021 NFL Draft. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is expected to be that pick, but current Jets quarterback Sam Darnold said Thursday he is not focused on Lawrence.

According to the a New York Post story by Peter Botte, Darnold said he knows people are already talking about the Clemson junior signal-caller joining the team next year.

"We have to worry about this week and Buffalo and getting a win," Darnold said in the story. "That's all we're worried about right now. I have social media, I've seen some of the things, but we've got a game to win this week."

Darnold was the third overall pick of the Jets back in 2018. He has completed nearly 60 percent of his passes while throwing three touchdowns and four interceptions.

"For me (the Lawrence speculation) is out of my control," Darnold said. "I'm here to do my best and help this team win games."

In an interview with The Big Lead earlier this week, former Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White told Brian Giuffra if the Jets have the first pick Lawrence should remain at Clemson.

"If I'm Trevor Lawrence, if the Jets finish with no wins, I just go back to Clemson... I don't want any part of that organization," White's tweet said.