Korey Foreman: Tape Doesn't Lie

Brian Smith

Few 2021 prospects garner the respect of Korey Foreman. 

The California product deserves to be called America’s most complete high school defensive end.

When Clemson secured the commitment of Korey Foreman from Corona (Calif.) Centennial, it secured an all-around player. Here’s a look at what the 6-foot-4, 265-pound defensive end already does, much like college players.

It’s one thing to be talented, it’s quite another to utilize that talent play after play. Few high school football players bring the consistency that Foreman provides. He can disrupt an offense all by himself.

During this first video clip, Foreman fully extends both hands into the midsection of the running back. It’s a mismatch, yes, but focus on what Foreman does. He gains power through his arms, but that’s honestly the secondary part of his move.

Foreman also angles forward so that he generates power through his hips. That’s when he combines the extension of his arms to dislodge the running back and make the sack.

This next play is almost comical. Foreman sets up the offensive tackle with a quick inside jab step. The offensive tackle oversteps and Foreman is on to the next blocker. Much like the running back in the beginning clip, it’s lights out as Foreman overpowers the H-Back. It’s just an awesome effort combined with awesome talent.

One of the most important aspects of playing defensive end would be preventing running backs from reaching the perimeter. Foreman does an excellent job on the next clip because he could jump inside not once, but twice, yet stays outside and forces the running back towards the line of scrimmage before making the tackle. Notice how balanced Foreman stays; he’s in a low, football position prior to making the tackle.

The following sack represents the true definition of hustle. After utilizing quick hands to slap away the offensive lineman, Foreman flushes the quarterback out of the pocket. While he does not make the sack and even falls down, he quickly goes after the signal-caller again to record a sack. These types of plays can be infectious. They ignite a team’s confidence and change games. It’s great to watch.

Finally, just watch Foreman’s video from this one particular game. I can sit here and dissect all of Foreman’s clips but one thing will not change: Foreman is a beast. I’ve studied football for 30 years, few defensive ends possess the talent and hustle of this young man.


It would be surprising to me if Foreman did not make an immediate impact for the Clemson Tigers. He’s a relentless edge player that offensive coordinators will need to account for during each snap.