Tony Elliott On OL: 'Not Always as Bad as You Think'


More than halfway through the regular season the Clemson running game hasn't been quite as strong as some originally thought it might be. 

With Clemson having so many playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, opposing defensives are having to pick their poison and so far most have chosen to key on the Tigers rushing attack. 

However, the team is still averaging more than 176 yards on the ground per game and offensive coordinator Tony Elliott says sometimes looks can be deceiving. 

"I think sometimes you get into the game, and you know the last two weeks I use Georgia Tech and this game here," Elliott said. "It's not always as good as you think sometimes and it's not always as bad as you think sometimes. "You just have to watch them."

The Tigers struggled to run the ball early on in their 46-21 win over Syracuse, and despite the fact that the Orange were having issues stopping the run coming in, Elliott says he knew they would provide a challenge for his high powered offense.

"We knew that this front was going to challenge us," Elliott said. "Just how multiple they are in changing looks and stunting and moving and picking and doing all that kind of stuff. You got to be technically sound. You got to communicate well." 

For the season the Tigers are averaging over 4.5 yards per carry, which is almost two yards per carry less than what the team averaged a season ago. While there have been some struggles opening up rushing lanes, particularly on the interior, Elliott says he is pleased with the effort and is still confident that any issues are minor and correctable. 

"As you look at it, they continue to play hard," Elliott said. "Got some things and some areas to clean up from a technique standpoint but definitely a lot better than they may have felt coming off the field."

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