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Grisham on Elite Depth: 'Don't Let Your Food Get Cold Looking at Someone Else's Plate'

Clemson wide receivers coach Tyler Grisham spoke with media Tuesday and was almost unfazed about how deep the receiver room is and how it could affect their rotations in 2021.

Improvement is all wide receivers coach Tyler Grisham wants to see from his 2021 room. Injuries decimated Grisham's group only a season ago, and elite, healthy depth hasn't changed his expectation heading into fall camp.

"What I believe is if you can respect one another, appreciate one another, celebrate each other's successes. That's really hard for a young man to do," Grisham told All Clemson. "It's hard when you are playing the same position, and you want to get more reps, you want to get more catches. But man, I promise, these guys have experienced this. Let's celebrate each other's successes because I believe the Lord honors that. I believe it's going to help you.

"I believe it's going to give you a better spirit, and guess what? You're going to get yours. One of my favorite (quotes) is from Andy Mineo. Andy Mineo is a guy that I listen to, and the one thing that he says is, 'don't let your food get cold, looking at somebody else's plate.' So whatever you've been given, make the most of it."

With so many capable No. 1 receivers from a potentially healthy Justyn Ross, Frank Ladson Jr., to Joseph Ngata, who Grisham believes can be a first-round draft selection in 2022, brotherhood is the only way to stay connected and perform at the highest level. Alphas are emerging at every position group, but it has always been the 'next man up' mentality for Grisham's receivers.


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"Those guys (at receiver), that brotherhood is strong," Grisham said during Clemson's media olympics Tuesday. "To me, I think this time of year in the summer, when you have no coaches around, you have the strength staff, but then they're out of the way when the footballs come out, you know that's when the group is really formed, right. (That's when) the cohesion is really formed.

"I know those guys, whether they're working here or going home, you know, they travel together. (Ajou) Ajou and E.J. (Williams), right, are from the same hometown. So they train together on the side. They'll go and run the hills, run the bikes together, you know, putting in that work together with Amari (Rodgers), who will come back into town. Former players come back in town, and we have a rich tradition at wide receiver here. So those guys, that brotherhood is strong."