Jeff Scott Coaching Search Update

Zach Lentz

Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott's name has been swirling around numerous FBS coaching vacancies the last four seasons.

While the Tiger coordinator has quickly put to bed many of the rumors, Saturday night his vacancy from his normal postgame media obligations sent the rumor-mill into full-tilt mode.

Scott, the media was told, was unavailable to meet due to a scheduling conflict. This departure from the norm, combined with Scott's behavior in the wake of the Tigers 62-17 win in the ACC Championship, in which he shared a long embrace with Dabo Swinney on the field, combined with his name being mentioned in conjunction with USF coaching vacancy has piqued the interest of many close to the situation.

Sources have told us that Scott is interested in the position in Tampa Bay, and that the interest is mutual.

Scott was on campus Sunday for team meetings and the Tigers' College Football Playoff reveal pizza party, but one way or another look for some resolution to Scott and USF this week before the Tigers open practice Friday in preparation for their matchup with Ohio State in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl.

Scott is no stranger to having his name mentioned, as earlier this season his name was mentioned in conjunction with the vacancy at Florida State. When asked in November if he had any interest in pursuing the job, Scott said, "To be honest, and for some people it might come as a surprise, but I really love being at Clemson right now.

"With a 4-year old daughter and a wife that went to Clemson, I really just kind of want to pause this moment in time that we have right now. How long can we kind of keep it right here? It is very special.

"There is no doubt, if you have success in your profession there is a desire to move up if it is the right move and all of that. That is going to come at some point if you continue to do well, but really there is a feeling that we have something really, really special that is very rare,” Scott said. “I really look at this situation at Clemson very similar to my dad’s situation at Florida State where there was a great continuity among that coaching staff and the success that they had. But to be able to come here every day and be able to be around Coach Swinney and be around this coaching staff and these players … we have like 80 coaches’ kids and staff kids between 1 and 18. So, to have a daughter in this atmosphere, you could not ask for anything better.”

Scott has was named one of the top-25 recruiters in the nation and ACC Recruiter of the Year in 2015 by Rivals, his receivers helped Clemson produce the fifth 4,000-yard passing season in school history in 2018. The 2018 season joined the 2015 campaign as the only seasons in school history featuring both 4,000 passing yards and 3,000 rushing yards.

He was a finalist for the 2018 Broyles Award as one of the top assistant coaches in the nation, as well as named one of the top-25 recruiters in the nation by Rivals and as ACC Recruiter of the Year by 247Sports in 2018.

We have heard that an announcement is expected sometime Monday, as a team meeting at USF has been called at 10 a.m. for the players and coaching staff to be told the news of Scott's hire.

As with all coaching searches, things are very fluid and can change at a moments notice. Be sure to keep open for the breaking news.