Jones on Interception that Changed the Game

Christopher Hall

Clemson cornerback Sheridan Jones had a key interception on the Hurricanes' second drive of the second half to thwart a promising Miami drive that could have cut the deficit to 21-17 early in the third quarter. 

Jones said he knew he was going to be put on an island due to the play call and that he just had to focus on the fundamentals to make the play. He was able to position himself perfectly to snag the interception in the end zone. 

"I was lined up on the backside and the formation was to the boundary," Jones said. "I was on the backside alone so I knew I didn't have too much help. So, I wanted to play with technique, being that I had all the extra space over there." 

When he turned around to look for the ball, Jones couldn't have played the ball much better and he boxed out Miami's Dee Wiggins to secure the interception. 

"I knew I was in great position to turn around and see the ball in the air and I went to go get it," Jones said on Monday during his media availability session.

Zach Lentz contributed to this story