NCAA to Allow Clemson's Trevor Lawrence to Crowdfund for Coronavirus Relief

Brad Senkiw

Hours after the girlfriend of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence announced his name had to be removed from a GoFundMe account that was raising money for coronavirus victims, the NCAA has reversed course.

While Clemson's compliance department had Lawrence remove his name from the fundraiser, the NCAA is allowing student-athletes to void the name, image and likeness rules in order to help during the pandemic, according to a release from Clemson's athletic department. 

The NCAA will allow the schools now to determine how this is handled.

"We applaud and appreciate their swift action in permitting this activity to help people in a time of need," the statement from Clemson said. 

Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry, a soccer player at Anderson University, opened the account Monday for COVID-19 family relief and support. Mowry took to Instagram to announce that the campaign was over. 

However, that's not before the two student-athletes raised $2,670, which is going to Meals on Wheels America and No Kid Hungry.

Lawrence said on his Instagram account Tuesday night he and Mowry will be restarting their GoFundMe page.

"Shoutout to the NCAA. Thank you so much for granting a waiver. Everyone's made them out to be the bad guy, but it was more just so of the rules that have already been in place. They've done a really good job of responding and allowing us to do it."

NCAA has long been under fire for archaic rules and the inability to adjust to changing times, common sense and public outcry appear to have won out in this situation. 

The coronavirus pandemic has had unprecedented effects on nearly every part of American lives, including sports. Lawrence and Mowry were simply looking for a way to make a difference, which they'll be allowed to do now.