Swinney: Tight Ends One Of The Best Positions On The Team

Travis Boland

Tight end was a weak link in the Clemson offense last season as six different players contributed at the position but managed just 26 catches for 239 yards and zero touchdowns in 2019.

"We're in another hemisphere when it comes to where we are at tight end (in 2020)," Swinney said. "It's incredible, it's definitely one of the best positions on our team. J.C. (Chalk) is back after getting a lot of experience last year."

Tight end Braden Galloway is expected to be a big part of the Clemson offense this season. Galloway played in just two games last season, but had a 45-yard catch against LSU in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. (photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Cote/Clemson University)

Chalk, a senior, led the group with 13 catches and 60 yards last season. Swinney said junior Braden Galloway has a lot of great football ahead of him and is going to be a problem for a lot of teams this season. Galloway appeared in just two games last season, but did have a 45-yard catch against LSU in the CFP National Championship Game.

One of the most improved players according to Swinney is sophomore Davis Allen, who had five catches for 53 yards last season.

"It's unbelievable the progress from where he started (coming in last summer) to where he is now," Swinney said. "He's made huge strides and is very talented. He looks like one of those Pittsburgh Steeler-type guys. He has a bright future."

Redshirt freshman Jaelyn Lay had one catch for 20 yards last season. Swinney said Lay is a work in progress, but he has all the tools to be a top guy in a few years.

"(Jaelyn) is a guy that if he stays the course he will be one of those fourth or fifth-year guys that people are wondering where he came from," Swinney said. "He has a high ceiling, but nothing has come easy for him. He continues to make a lot of progress."

Another player with some experience is redshirt junior Luke Price. Price finished last season with four catches for 41 yards. Swinney called him a scrappy guy with good experience.

"He came through for us a bunch last year, and definitely brings something to the table," Swinney said.

Swinney also made mention of true freshman Sage Ennis who has dealt with mono, but Swinney says he has battled back and could see action at the position this season.