Tigers Hope the Fans are Loud in Death Valley

Zach Lentz

The Clemson Tigers play their first of six home games this season Saturday (4 pm) when they take on The Citadel Bulldogs at Memorial Stadium.

However, even though they have already started their season with a win last week at Wake Forest, this game will be different and a different level of excitement. Not because they will load up the buses and take the short ride around the stadium and rub the rock and run down the hill, but because there will actually be fans in the stands to watch the No. 1 team in the nation.

"It's an understatement whatever I'm about to say—20,000, however many are in the stadium— we are going to be so excited and appreciative to see our fans," defensive end K.J. Henry said. "We've been talking about it and knew we wouldn't have that many fans vs. Wake Forest. But fans matter, they really do. And I'm glad Clemson worked out a safe way for them to come and see us play. I hope everybody there appreciates what we are able to do on the field."

Even though there will not be the normal 81,000-plus fans inside Death Valley, Henry is hoping that the 19,000 fans that will be allowed to watch the Tigers bring the energy.

"I hope they are loud on Saturday because we are going to be very excited to see them. We're definitely going to be more excited to see them than any time ever, it's going to be better than a sell-out crowd. We are just going to be happy to see some faces."

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