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Forever Buff Spencer Dinwiddie joined Colin Cowherd's show on FS1 'The Herd' on Friday.

On Thursday, Dinwiddie quote tweeted John Geiger's tweet that the NBA would be back on June 21. Dinwiddie said, "That's just practice... I heard those last 5 games at bubble site start July 15th."

So 'The Mayor' has become a news breaker and Cowherd wanted to have him on his show to discuss.

That was Cowherd's first question.

"Yes, as of right now we definitely believe the NBA is coming back," Dinwiddie responded. 

The Brooklyn Nets guard answered questions regarding the NBA shutdown, The Last Dance documentary, playing with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant as well as other questions regarding the virus. 

Cowherd took a bit of a shot at Colorado, "Do you ever look and say, 'Hey just because I was ignored and played basketball at Colorado,' do you ever feel like you're overlooked because of your draft spot?"

Dinwiddie ignored the slight at CU and answered that it is to be expected. 

Cowherd also pressed Dinwiddie with a question about no longer being a scorer when Durant and Irving are healthy. Dinwiddie said he had no problem with it as he doesn't mind being a distributor. 

"Jeez, this guy's mature. You are much more mature than I would've been," Cowherd responded. 

Cowherd turned to Joy Taylor after the interview and mentioned again how much he was impressed with Dinwiddie's maturity.

'The Mayor' has become a great representative for CU and his city of Boulder. But is anyone really that surprised?