Getting to know graduate assistant Jason Grossman and his heroic act

Chase Howell

A few of the graduate assistant hires for the CU football team slipped by the wayside. 

BuffsCountry reported the hiring of Aziz Shittu and wrote about hiring B.J. Johnson.

But one of the ones that weren't covered was the hiring of wide receiver graduate assistant Jason Grossman. 

Grossman comes from Akron, his alma mater, where he spent a season as a graduate assistant coaching the wide receivers.

He went to Akron to play football but even before that, he was on the career track of becoming a coach.

Grossman was one of the youngest high school football assistant coaches in the country when he coached the wide receivers at his high school in 2015. 

He continued to coach in the spring and summers throughout college and was staffed as a wide receivers coach at the UCLA Skills Camp in 2017.

He graduated from Akron in 2019 and immediately became a graduate assistant.

That isn't even the most impressive thing on Grossman's resume. 

In 2018, he made local and national news due to his heroic efforts to chase down a purse thief. 

According to the Culver City News, A lady had approached him and his dad with a description of a man that had stolen her purse.

When the two saw the man running down the street, Grossman got out of the car and started to pursue the man. He chased him over a fence and into a parking lot, he lost him. But Grossman didn't stop his pursuit, he was heading towards the Alexis Park Resort lobby when he spotted him again.

This time, he ran him down in the street, tackled him and got him in a headlock. His dad came in and clamped him down until the cops came. 

Not only is the new graduate assistant one of the most experienced 23-year-old coaches in football, he's also a hero.