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Stories from Around Sports Illustrated: A "light" week in college football

One of the most impactful weeks in the history of college football took place last week and Sports Illustrated was all over it.

Did anything happen last week? Can't think of anything notable, chief. 

The only thing that happened was two power conferences, and many smaller conferences across the nation, postponing their football season. 

If you have been reading Sports Illustrated, you already know all of the details. 


Ross Dellenger and Pat Forde have been on the ball covering all of the postponements and cancellations from the top and have had their fingers on the pulse of the minds of the administrators. 


Indiana has been a key piece in the hog of the postponements. They have a player on their football team, Brady Feeney, who is currently suffering from a heart condition caused by COVID-19 and was forced to opt-out of the season. One of Indiana's doctors provided some more details on what the virus can do to the heart. 

Parents have started to make their voices be heard. There are plenty of upset parents of football players in the Big Ten and Pac-12. Iowa had 60 parents be a part of a letter sent to their conference leadership. 

The football parents at Ohio State also sent a letter to the Big Ten

Mark Wogenrich at AllPennState provided some details of the possibility of having football in the spring.

Some more insight was provided by Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez and Paul Chryst. Chryst has coached in World League of Professional Football, whose season started in the month of January. And Alvarez has tons of experience around football. AllBadgers' Jake Kocorowski provides their thoughts on a spring season.  

The ACC, SEC and Big 12 are ready to have a modified season. Duke's David Cutcliffe believes they will play all 11 games. Although, the ACC has seen a wave of players opting out of the season.