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Coach K: High-low Offense Gives Vernon Carey Different Looks

Freshman center got ball at different angles

Duke found success against Brown by running the high-low offense to get Vernon Carey the ball. Carey scored the first eight points of the second half on his way to 19 points for the game.

“It makes Vernon move,” coach Mike Krzyzewski said of going to that offense, “and we have a number—about a half dozen—different things we do from it. What we should get from it is the top of the key—threes from Matt (Hurt) or Jack (White) and some action, but because you have guys in the corner, it’s a different … you’ve got a chance to hit (Carey) in the middle of the lane instead of on the block. We should do both, but it’s a different view. He’s good with the ball. He’s got really good feet, and he’s got good moves. I thought we missed him like crazy in the first half. In the second half, we found him a little bit.”

Krzyzewski also talked about how players today need work on fundamentals, like entry passing into the post.

“I think you have to teach more fundamentals today, because there’s no way in individual workouts that these guys do that they practice the entry pass,” Coach K said. “It’s an individual workout. They’re taught to play alone. Some of that is good. A lot of it is not. That’s why they don’t talk. Who are they going to talk to? Themselves?

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“When you have a Zion (Williamson) and RJ (Barrett), or a (Marvin) Bagley and (Wendell) Carter or a (Jayson) Tatum, you don’t have to teach that as much, because you kind of center everything around them. With this team, it’s everybody.”