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Coach K: Tre Jones Should Practice With Contact on Sunday

Jones couldn't rehab injury while home for holidays, so he got another game off.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski said that Tre Jones’ ankle injury is not more serious than initially thought. The reason he didn’t play in the game against Brown is that he couldn’t rehab it while he was home for the holidays.

“When you’re home, then you can’t work out,” Krzyzewski said. “We told him to not work out, so he wasn’t able to try the exercises. The first afternoon when we were back, we had practice, but we had no contact, just a lot of shooting and running, and he did everything. He felt pretty good after and then yesterday. But still not completely sure. I just think he needs another day or two. I expect him to participate in practice with contact and everything tomorrow.”

Krzyzewski also had plenty of praise for Jones’ backup, Jordan Goldwire, who had five assists, two steals and four points. Duke initially brought Goldwire in to compete with one-and-done point guard Trevon Duval, after he performed well against him in a high school tournament.

“We really got involved with him at the end of the recruiting cycle,” he said. “I think he was getting ready to go to Eastern Kentucky. We got in touch. He comes from a really good program—Norcross—so he played with Division I players, and he’s a Division I player. He’s one of our better athletes. He’s as good of an athlete as we have. He’s hung in there and learned. Playing with the level of talent that we have has helped him. He’s continued to become a better player and understands his role. He got sped up a couple times today but it’s so good that he was able to turn that around during the game. It’s kind of like Alex [O’Connell] ... they were juniors today.”

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