Coach K: No Injuries, Positive Tests For Duke So Far

No one associated with program has had a positive test
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Coach Mike Krzyzewski met with the media for the first time since Duke basketball players returned to campus.

“As a program, and my family, we’re good,” he said in his opening remarks. “In fact, really good. The kids came back on the first of August and did all the stuff we were supposed to do.”

That included COVID testing and normal performance testing, similar to what’s done at the NBA Combine. Then players had several weeks of individual and small group workouts as well as conditioning.

“We started school,” Coach K said. “At that time, we were doing one day a week testing. Since then, we’re being tested every day—the PCR test. We haven’t had any positives, not just from our team and coaching staff but also our whole basketball team—everyone, secretaries, trainers, everybody.”

In addition to the good news on COVID testing, the Blue Devils have remained healthy across the board.

“We haven’t had any injuries, any problems at that,” Krzyzewski said. “I think Duke athletics has done a marvelous job. A guy named Bob Weisman (Duke’s Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Athletic Facilities, Game Operations & Championships)—if I was in a war, he’d be one of my generals, I’ll tell you that. He’s really done this properly. I think Duke’s done a good job. I think the decision to de-densify this first semester has proven to be a very wise decision. So we’re going to just keep moving on and keep navigating as the landscape for college basketball continues to change.”