Duke's Nate James on Wendell Moore's Evolution Into a Leader

Sophomore has matured over offseason, assistant says
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Wendell Moore has emerged as one of the veteran leaders on this season’s Duke team as one of the few returning players. He also did community organizing over the offseason, putting together a march in his hometown, which helped develop his leadership skills.

“Wendell is just a sharp young man,” assistant coach Nate James said. “Very in tune with what’s going on. … Seeing him back on campus now with the team, he’s a different kid. Now that he’s a sophomore, I expect that everything that has happened, not just with all the social issues but the pandemic, caused people to reflect on what we all can do to make our environment better. He’s done that. I’m very proud of him to see him. He’s grown. Normally, guys like Wendell are only around for a year. To see a talented player come back and become the man as a sophomore, hear the voice, all the things we try to instill in him as coaches, all the things Coach K talks to him about, to hear him talk in the locker room or on the floor, you say, ‘Okay, this kid is starting to get it.’ All of you who have kids as parents, when your kids start to get it, all those tough lessons, it makes you feel good. That’s what Wendell did. He’s going to continue to grow as a leader, and because of that, his game has taken off. So it’s really exciting to see that. I’m very proud of him. He’s definitely matured. I look forward to having him be one of our outstanding captains this year.”