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Duke Scoring List: Brown Update

Marques Bolden, Joey Baker get passed

Wendell Moore Jr. (10 points, 86 total) moved up six spots to 274, passing Bill Ulrich, Larry Linney, Albert Herrick, Richard Gilbert, Joe Cook and teammate Joey Baker.

Jordan Goldwire (4 points, 105 total) moved up four spots to 264 passing Harry Giles, Chase Jeter and Greg Wendt and tying Jack Boyd. Goldwire also passed Dahntay Jones, Cam Reddish, Austin Rivers, Brandon Ingram and Brian Zoubek on the Duke Assists list and tied Wendell Carter Jr. for 90.

Cassius Stanley (7 points, 114 total) moved up three spots to 260 passing Gene Bledsoe and tying Herbert Cheek and John Cantwell.

Matthew Hurt (8 points, 125 total) moved up six spots to 250 passing Tim Teer, Jim Thomas, John Hoffman, Jim Liccardo, Buck Cheek and tying Dick Latimer.

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Jack White (9 points, 232 total) moved up five spots to 209 passing Martin Nessley, Bill Parsons, Red Kulpan, Doug McNeely and John Harrell.

Vernon Carey (19 points, 224 total) moved up eight spots to 214 passing Fred Shabel, Allen Williams, CB Claiborne, Bill McCahan, Bob O’Mara, Dick Whiting, Steve Gray and tying Martin Nessley. Carey also passed Chase Jeter on the Duke Rebounding list, meaning he’s moved out of the bottom 10 for Duke McDonald’s All-Americans for fewest rebounds. He tied Reggie Love for 187 overall on the list.

Javin DeLaurier (2 points, 327 total) moved up one spot, tying Bucky Allen for 176.

Alex O’Connell (14 points, 347 total) moved up six spots to 169 passing Marques Bolden, Casey Sanders, Cy Valasek, Sparky Bergman and Buzz Mewhort and tying Nick Horvath. O’Connell also tied Corey Maggette and Crawford Palmer for 162 on the Duke Rebounding list. With Duke’s only two three-pointers of the game, O’Connell tied Chris Carrawell for 45 on the Duke Three-Pointers list.