Duke Scoring List Update: Coppin State

A bad night for Shelden Williams
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Here's the movement on Duke's career lists after the opening game:

Matthew Hurt (12 points, 314 career) passed Marv Decker into 180th place. He also tied Kenny Blakeney for 179th on the rebounding list. He tied Dick Crowder for 151st on the assists list. He passed Talor King and tied Grant Hill and Tommy Amaker for 56th on the three-pointers list.

Wendell Moore Jr. (13 points, 199 career) moved up six spots to 226th passing Kyrie Irving, Bill Suk, Crawford Palmer and Kenny Young, among others. Moore also passed Lefty Driesell and Reggie Love into 191st on the rebounding list. He passed Greg Newton and tied Erik Meek and Jahlil Okafor for 122nd on the assists list. He tied Bill Jackman and Andre Buckner for 92nd on the three-pointers list.

Joey Baker (2 points, 144 career) moves into a tie with Elliot Williams for 248th. Baker also passed Semi Ojeleye and Andre Buckner, tying Jamal Boykin for 247th on the rebounding list.

DJ Steward (24 points) breaks into the list at 338th, tied with Dewitt Shy and Ernest Pergrem, just ahead of Olek Czyz. He also tied Michael Thompson for 286th on the rebounding list. He’s tied with Christian Ast and Sean Kelly for 224th on the assists list. He also tied Michael Gbinije and Shelden Williams for 95th on the three-pointers list.

Jalen Johnson (19 points) breaks onto the list at 347th, tied with Lang Hobgood, just ahead of Jordan Davidson and Bob Cook. Johnson also tied Phil Allen for 267th on the rebounding list. He’s tied with Andy Borman and Todd Singleton for 200th on the assists list.

Jeremy Roach (6 points) breaks onto the list at 388th, tied with Baker Perry and Jordan Tucker, just ahead of Sean Obi and Todd Zafirovski. He also tied Patrick Davidson for 299th on the rebounding list. He’s tied with Andre Sweet and Stan Brunson for 205th on the assists list.

Mark Williams (2 points) breaks in at 424th, tied with Ned Franke and Burton Fitts. He tied Eric Boateng and Todd Zafirovski for 234th on the assists list.

Jaemyn Brakefield (1 point) breaks in at 438th, tied with Vince Crump. He also tied Joe Pagliuca and Jordan Tucker for 325th on the rebounding list.

Jordan Goldwire didn’t move up the scoring list but he tied Todd Anderson for 185th on the rebounding list. He also passed Shelden Williams, Kevin Strickland and Steve Gray into 65th on the assists list. He tied Javin DeLaurier and Lance Thomas for 52nd on the steals list.