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Here Are the Most and Least Productive Duke Lineups From the FVSU Game

The Duke starters stole the show in the exhibition win

Duke played 20 different lineups against Fort Valley State, an average of a new one every two minutes.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski used 13 lineups in the exhibition opener, a 69-63 win over Northwest Missouri State, but none of those 13 were repeated in the second game.

Despite all the switching, there were still a few combinations that never saw the floor together.

Matthew Hurt and Javin DeLaurier were never on the floor together. Neither were Hurt and Justin Robinson.

Wendell Moore and Robinson also never played together in the exhibition.

Since all four players are essentially power forwards, it makes sense that Duke wasn’t able to get every combination of two players at the four on the floor together. Plus, all three pairings were tried in the first exhibition, to varying degrees of success. Hurt and DeLaurier were plus 10 on the floor together. Moore and Robinson were minus three. Hurt-Robinson was break-even.

Other than the walk-ons, who only played with Justin Robinson and Joey Baker, every other pair of Blue Devils spent at least some time in the game together.

Here are the most productive lineups from the Fort Valley State game:

Vernon Carey-Jordan Goldwire-Matthew Hurt-Tre Jones-Cassius Stanley: The starting lineup was together at the start of each half, although they were never reunited later in either half. Combined in their two appearances, the starters outscored FVSU by 24 points, 28-4.

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Joey Baker-Justin Robinson-Michael Savarino-Keenan Worthington-Mike Buckmire: The walk-ons finished the game on a 12-4 run to outscore FVSU by eight.

Javin DeLaurier-Jordan Goldwire-Wendell Moore-Cassius Stanley-Jack White: The two seniors and three freshmen shut out Fort Valley State, 8-0.

On the flip side, three lineups were outscored in the 126-57 blowout.

Alex-O’Connell-Javin DeLaurier-Jordan Goldwire-Wendell Moore-Jack White: This group was together twice (one of just three combinations that Coach K reused in the game) and was outscored 7-3.

O’Connell-Vernon Carey-Tre Jones-Justin Robinson-Cassius Stanley was outscored 3-0.

O’Connell-Carey-DeLaurier-Jones-Stanley was outscored 1-0.

While O'Connell was the common thread in the three lineups that were outscored, he was also in the most successful lineup from NW Missouri State.

With DeLaurier, Hurt, Jones and Stanley, his group outscored NW Missouri by seven points.

The game one starters: Carey-Hurt-Jones-Moore-White were the least productive lineup in the opening game, getting outscored by six.