David Cutcliffe: We Must See Real Change


Coach David Cutcliffe released a statement on his Twitter feed, addressing the nationwide protests over the weekend, following the death of George Floyd. Cutcliffe introduced his statement by saying, “Just a few words and thoughts that life experiences have led me to believe.”

"I'm not much of a fan of tweeting my opinions on social issues,” he wrote. “I don't see my thoughts as being important to anyone. But, I am sad. I'm a child of the 50s and 60s and I know we haven't made enough progress in the area of racial relations. We must see real change!! I have developed many great relationships with young men over 45 years of coaching football. Obviously many are African American men. I have an African American son that has been in our family since his freshman year of high school. These many years have proven to me that racism has continued to be a broad problem in our society and a part of that problem has been far too many young black men being mistreated, and yes, killed by some police officers. It's frightening what I've heard from so many young men I love. I also know many of the finest individuals I've met in my life are police officers. As I see it, the broad brush so many people use to paint a race, a profession, or a culture create the seed of hate and mistrust that continue in our society. Respect for all individuals is the best path for peace. We all reserve the right to choose our friends, our comrades, our teammates...as well as who we would rather not spend time with... but we must respect ALL INDIVIDUALS! Love is a far more powerful emotion than hate! Crime will never be an answer to solve or heal crime! It's ugly when those who don't care for a cause TAKE the opportunity to burn and steal. We pray for you to find peace. Coach Dungy spoke to this well. Use a spiritual approach because this answer is beyond the human condition. We pray to you Lord and God of all to bring peace and understanding to each of us, protect the innocent, and heal the anger that so many are having to deal with."