Defensive Coordinator Matt Guerrieri: I'm Proud to Stand With Them


A day before head coach David Cutcliffe issued a statement on the protests surrounding George Floyd’s death at the hands of police, Duke co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach Matt Guerrieri issued his own statement on Twitter.

Guerrieri introduced his remarks by saying, “I hope to be a part of the change. #CoachesStandForJustice" He posted a photo of himself with several Blue Devils players. Of the 41 players pictured with Guerrieri, 36 are African-American.

"I have not walked in the young men's shoes in this photo,” Guerrieri posted, “But, I am proud to be standing with them. As a white man, I do not know what it is like to be black in America. But, I do believe it's important to stand up for what is right and against what is wrong. I am fortunate to be a coach and mentor. With that job comes great opportunity and responsibility. It is important to me to listen, learn, and be an advocate. These guys are my family. We may look different, act different, and believe in different things. But, we come together recognizing and appreciating those differences as a team. As coaches, we have a platform. And that platform must be used for good.”

He then repeated, “I hope to be a part of the change. #CoachesStandForJustice."

Several Blue Devils players retweeted Guerrieri’s message, including Victor Dimukeje, Chris Rumph II, Lummie Young III, Chase Brice and Gunnar Holmberg. Others liked it, including Leonard Johnson and Darrell Harding Jr.

Guerrieri has been a member of Duke’s staff since 2012.