Duke's Chase Brice: We Needed a Break Big Time

Quarterback ready to improve offense going forward
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Chase Brice wasn’t happy with his performance running the Duke offense during the team’s 1-5 start. He spent the team’s week off working on improving areas of his game.

“I really focused in on accuracy,” he said. “My footwork, timing plays up footwork-wise, with my throws and working on my faking. Just those things you kind of take for granted.”

The little things were a focus for the entire team during the bye.

“Preparation, practice and getting the little things accomplished throughout the game,” he said. “You can get away from the little things, little details and then they start adding up. I’ve got to stick to my aggressive play, having faith in my receivers, me putting the ball where I need to put it, but also being smart about doing it.”

The bye was well-timed for the Blue Devils.

“We needed it big time,” Brice said. “We’ve played six Power Five games in a row. I think we’re the only team in the country that has done that. We had some banged up guys, tired legs. Having that chance to reset, get back healthy, get our feet back under ourselves, practice on those little details during the bye week while continuing to prepare for Charlotte.”

What would Duke’s offense ideally look like?

“First would be me giving my guys a chance,” he said. “Us coming down with the ball. Also taking more shots, taking shots in series of the games where, whether you catch them in a bad spot, not where they can sense it coming, being aware of that. Also, just continue playing fast and aggressive play. We’re 1-5. We have five games left. We want to do well in all those games and continue getting that big play. That’s what we’re going to try to do.”