Jack Wohlabaugh Returning to Duke Next Season


Duke has not seen the last of Jack Wohlabaugh.

The center is already a graduate and was entering what was thought to be his final year with the Blue Devils this season. A season-ending knee injury last week changed those plans, however.

Wohlabaugh had several options, including transferring to another school as a grad transfer or focusing on recovery in order to prepare for the NFL Draft in the spring. He removed some uncertainty around his future, announcing on his social media accounts that he would return to Duke next season. He’ll be taking advantage of an NCAA rule that will not count this season against any player’s eligibility, due to the uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Many of you know during fall camp, I endured a season-ending knee injury,” he wrote. “As devastating as it was, my goals haven’t changed. What I want in my future hasn’t changed—only the timing and the path.”

A few days after the injury, Wohlabaugh was voted a team captain by his teammates.

While not as originally planned, I am ready to embrace my new role in the training room, transforming y body and leading in a different way. It is a trememdous honor for my teammates to elect me as a captain knowing I will not be on the field to battle with them this year. Although unable to be in the trenches with my teammates, I will do my best to help them be the best versions of themselves every step of the way.”

“ I am happy to say I will recover and return next season to play college football at Duke University,” he concluded.