No College Football? Former Power 5 Pres. Says It's Likely


Former Kansas State president, Jon Wefald told Paul Finebaum that if there's no vaccine for COVID-19 by July, there's like not going to be football this fall.

Now, Wefald is not a current college administrator and hasn’t been on the job in more than a decade. He retired from Kansas State in June 2009. So the 82-year-old retiree hasn’t been a part of any discussions on contingency plans for the football season.

Wefald’s comments came on the same day that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said he has “zero doubt” that the season will be played.

“My preference is let’s go to work, and let’s go play,” he said on a media Zoom conference. “That’s the best-case scenario, and I think that’s what’s going to happen. I haver zero doubt that we’re going to be playing. The stands are going to be packed, and the Valley is going to be rocking. I don’t have any doubt. That’s the only thought I have.”

“I mean, this is America, man,” he added. “We've stormed the beaches of Normandy, we've sent a car that's drive around Mars, we've walked on the moon. This is the greatest country and the greatest people in the history of the planet. We've created an iPhone where I can sit here and talk to all you people in all these different places. We got the smartest people in the world. Listen, we're going to rise up and we're gonna we're gonna kick this thing right in the teeth and we'll get back to our lives.”

Duke coach David Cutcliffe said on the Duke Football podcast that he’s preparing for the season to start with a 15-day notice, although he’s hoping for a longer training camp for player safety reasons.

Most medical experts agree that a vaccine won’t be available for more than a year, although scientists at Pitt believe they’ve already developed a vaccine that could be available fast enough to “significantly impact the spread of disease” and could start human trials in the next few months.