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Rating ACC Schedule Scenarios on a 10-Point Scale

Duke, NC State publishers grade different aspects of the new ACC

Sports Illustrated’s Duke publisher, Shawn Krest and NC State publisher, Brett Friedlander appeared on a podcast hosted by Tar Heel Illustrated publisher Andrew Jones to discuss the ACC schedule announcement.

Jones had them play a lightning round game where they had to grade various scenarios in the upcoming ACC season on a scale of 1 to 10.

The first question asked their impression of whether Notre Dame winning the league title would be good or bad for the ACC. This is the first year Notre Dame is eligible for the crown after decades as an independent in football.

Everyone agreed that walking in and immediately winning the title would be bad for the ACC. Friedlander said it would be good to have the Irish make it to the ACC Championship game, but then lose to Clemson or someone. Krest pointed out that Clemson has been dogged by accusations that it benefits from a weak conference schedule when the Tigers are in the running for a College Football Playoff berth. Notre Dame winning in its first year would just give the naysayers reason to believe they were right.

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On the flip side, there was general agreement that Notre Dame going 5-5 may not be the best thing. While, from an ACC standpoint, it would show that the league does have some tough teams, other than Clemson, all three agreed that it might make it less likely that the Irish would want to join the league on a full-time basis in the near future.