Florida Gators 2020 Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results

Zach Goodall

MOBILE, Ala -- The annual Senior Bowl has kicked off with team weigh-ins and media day prior to the first team practice at 1 P.M. CT.

Both the North and South teams have completed their weigh-ins in front of NFL scouts and personnel, measuring each prospect's height, weight, arm length (and wingspan), and hand size. All of these measurements are crucial in scouting to find correct fits for players and determining if their body type will hold up in the NFL.

With that being said, how did each of the five Gators' participating in the 2020 Senior Bowl fare during weigh-ins? Running back Lamical Perine, wide receivers Tyrie Cleveland and Van Jefferson, and defensive ends Jonathan Greenard and Jabari Zuniga all measured in, let's check out their results compared to league averages at their respective positions, and discuss.

Note: NFL league averages will be in parenthesis and italicized to the right of each listed measurement, respective of each position.

Weigh-In Results

RB Lamical Perine

Height: 5-10 3/4" (5-11.1)

Weight: 211 lbs. (219.04 lbs)

Arm length: 31 7/8" (31.07")

Hand size: 9 1/8" (9.31")

Thoughts: Perine measures in at about average size compared to NFL running backs, shorter and compact in his build. Though he is down seven pounds from his listing on UF's roster, Perine still carries enough bulk to win in between the tackles at the next level, while also gaining speed back after cutting weight to contributing in the passing game.

WR Tyrie Cleveland

H: 6-2 5/8" (6-0.9")

W: 205 lbs. (201.56 lbs.)

Arms: 32 1/2" (31.97")

Hands: 9" (9.39")

Thoughts: Cleveland stands above the average NFL wide receiver, making him an outside receiver prospect that pairs elite speed with his frame. A late addition to the Senior Bowl roster, teams will keep an eye on Cleveland for his special team's abilities and as a deep threat at receiver.

WR Van Jefferson

H: 6-1 1/2" (6-0.9")

W: 197 lbs. (201.56 lbs.)

Arms: 32 1/8" (31.97")

Hands: 9 1/8" (9.39")

Thoughts: Jefferson, though a little shorter and lighter than Cleveland, still profiles as an outside receiver with solid length and catch radius given his height and arms. While Cleveland's speed will be under the microscope in practice, Jefferson will be a fan-favorite in one-on-one drills given his polished route-running skills.

EDGE Jonathan Greenard

H: 6-3 1/2" (6-3.78")

W: 262 lbs. (266.46 lbs.)

Arms: 34 1/3" (33.59")

Hands: 9" (9.86")

Thoughts: Greenard arguably couldn't have had a better weigh-in, and his arm length will end up being his major "win" on the day. With questions regarding his schematic fit due to being a bit of a tweener at his size, maintaining his playing weight was important for the upcoming draft process, and his arms will be appealing to scouts as teams value length at defensive end.

DE Jabari Zuniga

H: 6-3 1/8" (6-3.82") 

W: 253 lbs. (267.76 lbs.)

Arms: 33 1/8" (33.63")

Hands: 10" (9.88")

Thoughts: Zuniga added healthy weight prior to the Senior Bowl, after a nagging ankle injury derailed his senior campaign. While he still stands below the average strong-side DE, his best fit, his athleticism should do him favors as long as he holds up during the week in practice and the game.