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Forbes: Gators QB Anthony Richardson Taking a Unique NIL Approach

Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson is aiming to cash in on his Name, Image and Likeness with a unique approach.

Photo: Anthony Richardson; Credit: Alex Shepherd

Allowing athletes to profit from their Name, Image and Likeness has changed the college football landscape for the better, and forever. Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson is on a path that should prove why the theory is true.

Richardson has signed with attorney Darren Heitner and agent/advisor Deiric Jackson to help the redshirt freshman navigate through and seize the opportunities that NIL laws have to offer. For Richardson, currently a backup quarterback but one with a bright future ahead of him, Heitner and Jackson have a unique plan in place.

“We’re going to take a very different approach than many in this space,” Heitner told Forbes. “Maybe three to five deals in total, six-figure or seven-figure deals. We want to make sure he’s associating with strong companies and being properly valued.”

Since NIL was approved by the NCAA this summer, plenty of athletes have taken, basically, any deal that has come their way. Whether it be local restaurant sponsorships, filming commercials and promoting brands on social media, athletes have taken advantage of the cash that is floated before them, and for good reason.

However, Heitner and Jackson have their eyes on persistent income and notoriety rather than "one-off" deals, as Heitner describes them.

So far, the plan seems to be working, as Forbes reports that Richardson has agreed upon an undisclosed deal worth a guaranteed six-figures worth of cash. Instead of taking any endorsement that comes their way, Richardson's team intends to sign a limited number of deals that could turn into long-term partnerships as he has significant college football eligibility remaining.

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"Companies realize that and understand that they will have more time to exploit the relationship while the athlete is in school and perhaps renegotiate a deal later on," Heitner said.

Brands certainly have a reason to pursue affiliations with Richardson now, even though he has yet to officially shed backup quarterback status.

Richardson already began to earn national attention earlier this season with numerous explosive plays created against Florida Atlantic and South Florida. Richardson suffered a hamstring injury against the Bulls and went on to miss several weeks, but has reestablished his worth within UF's offense since returning to the field, specifically this past weekend against LSU.

Amid struggles from starting quarterback Emory Jones, Richardson entered the game as Florida was losing 28-13. Although the Gators would lose the game, Richardson led UF's offense to four consecutive scoring drives and tied the contest twice in the second half. He finished the matchup by completing 10-of-19 passes for 167 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, adding a team-leading 37 rushing yards and an additional touchdown on the ground.

Head coach Dan Mullen refused to hand Richardson the starting role after the loss, admitting that he will evaluate the team's quarterback situation, but the writing is seemingly on the wall. And as such, businesses will come calling. Some already have.

“It’s a blessing for us to be able to make money," Richardson spoke of NIL. "It teaches us how to manage money and understand the business aspect of things. It also allows us to help our families in ways that we couldn’t before.”

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