Three Ideal NFL Teams For Florida Cornerback C.J. Henderson

Graham Marsh

Six interceptions. Ninety-three tackles. Four sacks and two touchdowns. 

This is the statistical resume of Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson. His tape has NFL scouts in awe, and rightfully so. Even in a semi-down season for him in 2019, he was still a top cornerback in all of college football and makes NFL coaches want him on their roster. 

His 54.1 completion percentage allowed (per PFF) backs that up.

But where in the NFL could he thrive most? Where are the best landing spots? Here are three great potential lands.

Minnesota Vikings

Keep in mind, we have to base this off of where he will probably get selected in the draft. His frame and run support will probably keep him from being selected in the top 10 or maybe even top 15 picks, but as we've seen in the past, that can be a good thing. 

Henderson could go to an already-good defense in Minnesota, and an already-good team. They have one of the better corners in football in Xavier Rhodes, and Henderson could complement him well on the other side of the field. 

A team that required Henderson to guard the best receivers in football as a rookie would probably be a team where he would struggle early. He most likely needs some time to develop in the league before manning up on the Michael Thomas' of the world. 

Miami Dolphins

Despite the fact that Henderson would benefit from another good corner opposite him early in his career and the Dolphins don't have that. The Dolphins don't really have much of anything. 

However, Henderson showed especially early in his collegiate career his ability to make splash plays. In his first two career games at Florida, he had a pick-six in each game. 

The Dolphins could certainly use that and the AFC East doesn't have any top-tier receivers he would have to face regularly. This is all not even to mention that he is born and raised in Miami. 

But more importantly, the Dolphins have three first-round picks, including two that will probably be in that bottom half of the first round. The main concern is obviously that the team as a whole won't be very good, but Miami has played much better football as of the last few weeks and have a solid, defensive-minded head coach in Brian Flores. 

New Orleans Saints

The Saints will be at the tail end of round one, so this is assuming Henderson falls this far. 

But if he does, he could add to an already excellent secondary. Marshon Lattimore is proving to be one of the league's best young cornerbacks and former Gators defensive back Chauncey Gardner Johnson is having a solid rookie year as a chess piece in New Orleans' secondary.

The Saints are in a position where they can afford to take a luxury pick. There isn't really a huge weakness anywhere on that team. An already strong secondary certainly could cause them to go in a different position direction, but in an NFC loaded with good receivers and quarterbacks, can you ever have too many good corners? 

And as Drew Brees continues to age, the Saints will look more and more like New England. A team that has always been known for historically good offensive numbers, will slowly become a more defensive team. Added depth to an already good secondary is a huge step in that and if Henderson falls to the late 20's, he would fit really well in black and gold. 

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The Dolphins have one of the top corners in the league? Xavien Howard? Pro-Bowler? Do you’re research lol

John Shipley
John Shipley

How do you feel about his Jaguars fit?

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