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With top class of 2021 players from across the state of Florida competing against one another in the annual Legends Showcase, several household names made their presence felt, while a few unknown players deserve more attention. Here’s a closer look at some of the players that stood out.

Let’s start with the obvious. Here are a few stars that brought their A-game, including several Gators' targets.

Terrence Lewis, LB, 6-1, 195, Northwestern HS (Miami, FL) - Lewis is a national recruit, so little introduction is necessary. 

Three things stood out about Lewis’s performance. First, he was ready to compete from the outset despite just playing in the 5A state championship game a week ago. A lot of prospects go through the motions in all-star games, and hats off to Lewis for going hard all night long. 

Second, watching HUDL film does not do Lewis justice. He’s shot out of a cannon, or at least that’s the way it looks to the naked eye. His closing speed is second to none, regardless of class. 

Third, he creates havoc. Whether it’s applying pressure to the quarterback or running down a running back from the backside of the play, Lewis makes plays that create turnovers and lost yardage. 

One could make the argument that Lewis is the best playmaker in the state of Florida. Lewis has offers from schools across the country, including Florida, Texas A&M, Clemson, Auburn, and Florida State, just to name a few.

Kamren Kinchens, FS, 5-11, 185, Northwestern HS (Miami, FL) - Since the East squad could not find the end zone offensively, Kinchens picked off an errant pass and took it to the house. It was the East’s only score of the night. 

The rainy conditions impacted the field and every player really, but inclement weather did not stop Kinchens from being around the football, like he always seems to do, and make the most of his opportunity. Saturday night’s game did nothing but confirm what most already knew: Kinchens is a great football player. 

Although it’s early, Kinchens seems to like LSU quite a bit. Miami, Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon are amongst a long list of additional suitors that also offered Kinchens.

Tommi Hill, WR/CB, 6-1, 195, Edgewater HS (Orlando, FL) - After a great performance versus St. Thomas Aquinas last weekend during the 7A State Championship game, Hill continued his impressive play during the Legends Showcase. 

Much like Lewis, Hill just makes game-changing plays. Whether it’s breaking up a pass or simply taking a wide receiver out of a play with great coverage, Hill can really cover. 

Here’s the thing, he’s more experienced as a wide receiver. He played both ways during the Showcase. Hill’s length and and physical nature could make him a great college cornerback. Conversely, Hill definitely possesses the athleticism to play wide receiver. 

The weather held both teams’ passing attacks in check for most of the night, but Hill can definitely play on either side of the football. Hills’ recent performance must have impressed some people, as Miami just offered. Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Vanderbilt represent just a few of his additional offers.

Walter Simmons III, QB, 6-2, 185, Oakleaf HS (Orange Park, FL) - Despite a torrential downpour, Simmons III made his share of plays. Arguably the most impressive offensive play of the night actually belonged to the Oakleaf signal-caller. 

Scrambling to his left (he’s right-handed), Simmons III dipped his arm down and sidearmed a bullet across the middle and on the money for a first down. It was an NFL-level throw. Considering the conditions and level of talent playing against him, it opened eyes. 

Simmons also displayed the ability to extend plays with his legs several times, and he showed a deft touch on deep passes. Simmons is only getting better, and that’s why schools such as Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, and UCF have offered. Saturday night’s play will only increase the number of offers.

Corey Collier, Jr., CB, 6-1, 185, Miami Palmetto HS (Miami, FL) - Collier is yet another national recruit, and for good reason. His length, hip flexibility, backpedal and penchant for wanting to play bump-and-run coverage all make him an attractive player. 

Despite the poor football on a soggy field, Collier still made some great cuts while in coverage. It wasn’t a night to truly showcase his skills, but he eagerly played aggressive man-defense despite the wide receiver talent lined up across from him. West quarterbacks tended to stay away from Collier, and that’s not surprising. 

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From Miami to Notre Dame and Boston College to Oregon, Collier, Jr. truly has a national offer file. His list is like a U.S. road map of states.

Patrick Payton, OLB, 6-5, 205, Miami Senior HS (Miami, FL) - Payton may still be growing into his lanky frame, but his quickness and athleticism already allow him to make plays despite playing against massive offensive tackles. Payton is a traditional, stand-up outside linebacker that rushes the passer. 

While he will definitely need to add weight and strength, Payton still plays physical and is not just a pass rusher. He mixed it up during running plays, too. In fact, that might have been the most important piece of information from watching his game. Many pass rushers simply do not play the run even at an average level. Payton does far more than that - a good sign. Florida State, Georgia, Miami, and Florida have all extended offers, and he’s bound to receive many more.

Bryce Langston, DE, 6-3, 250, Vanguard HS (Ocala, FL) - The one-time Florida commit is a hot commodity along the recruiting trail, and he showed why at the Legends Showcase.

A thick lower body allows him to fend off offensive tackles with power, and he’s still quick and explosive enough to speed rush past offensive tackles. Langston found his way into the backfield several times, and he did an admirable job playing the run to boot. Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, Arkansas, Miami and Florida State present just some of Langston’s offers.

New Names Emerge

Jaquan Lowman, ATH, 6-0, 185, Apopka HS (Apopka, FL) - Lowman plays quarterback in a single-wing offense, making it almost impossible to grade him from game film. Despite the offense he plays in, Lowman is a football player. 

He spent his time at free safety Saturday night. He looked like a natural. Lowman moves with an effortlessness that’s hard to describe. He’s the kind of kid that could play basketball, baseball or football and excel. While he’s not well known in recruiting circles now, Lowman is a Power 5 talent. Make no mistake about that.

Caden Fordham, LB, 6-2, 195, The Bolles School (Jacksonville, FL) - Fordham is just now starting to garner the recruiting attention he deserves. I contacted Fordham Sunday to learn of his college interests, and he replied with an offer list of Georgia Tech, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Colorado, Colorado State, Florida International, South Alabama and West Virginia. 

After watching Fordham Saturday night, it’s evident that he will be receiving several more offers. In short, he’s a tackling machine. He recorded roughly 15 tackles on the evening, and he was especially adept at stopping the run. This young man is a great football player.

Jeremiah Brown, LB, 6-2, 215, Lincoln HS (Tallahassee, FL) - It always seems like Lincoln features a great defensive talent, and Brown is the latest in a long line of Lincoln greats. 

Much like Fordham, Brown’s instinctive nature was on display at the showcase. Brown was a thumper in the middle versus the run, and he also played the short passing game quite well. While Brown could play inside or outside, he might be best suited to being a middle linebacker within a 4-3 defense. 

He flourishes when taking on inside running plays. His college recruitment is just getting started, but he has plenty of time to earn offers. His impressive play Saturday night showed why he deserves to be mentioned with some of Florida’s best.

Charles Montgomery, WR, 5-10, 185, Armwood HS (Seffner, FL) - Not as well known as teammate and national recruit Agiye Hall, a fellow wide receiver for Armwood, Montgomery caught the game’s first touchdown and also added a couple more receptions thereafter. 

Montgomery showed his quickness and good hands, and he’s fast enough to hit teams deep. Montgomery possesses the talent to play for any college in the country. So why is he listed as sleeper when Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Penn State and Florida State are among his offers? Because Montgomery deserves more recognition. He rarely gains praise amongst fans and scouts alike. He’s a national recruit, and it’s well deserved.

Henry Hughes, OLB/DE, 6-5, 215, Tampa Bay Tech HS (Tampa, FL) - This young man is an excellent student (4.5 GPA) and very talented edge rusher. 

Hughes is just beginning to learn how to use his hands and press offensive tackles in an effort to sack the quarterback, but one cannot teach his height and length. Further, Hughes provides quickness. Hughes made a few nice plays on the edge and mixed it up with much larger players. 

In a few years, Hughes will be a totally different body type, and that’s what college coaches seek. He does not yet have any offers, but he did not attend any camps this past summer. Look for Hughes to earn several offers during the next year. He’s the prototypical edge rusher and some lucky college will sign him.

Cam Ransom, QB, 6-3, 215, Armwood HS (Seffner, FL) - Ransom made one of the best passes of the night, an 80-yard bomb for a touchdown. He has a strong and accurate arm, and he’s a really good athlete that routinely extends plays with his legs. It will be interesting to see which college signs Ransom. Boston College, USF, Kentucky and UCF are already on board with offers.

Final Thoughts

It was not the best evening to watch football, but individuals still earned praise for their performances. The above list does not represent all the players that shined; rather it was quite the contrary. 

Plenty of other players made their fair share of plays as well. Only so many players can be highlighted. It was still a great opportunity to see many of Florida’s best 2021 prospects. The Legends Showcase gave 2021 prospects a great chance to show off their skills and growth as they enter their senior seasons, and you'd better believe college teams from across the country took note.