Logan Robinson, founder & owner 

Today, I am very excited to announce NoleGameday’s partnership with one of the premier sports media brands, Sports Illustrated. We will be joining the SI family under their entity network called Fan Nation. This is a gigantic milestone for NoleGameday and our team after being an independent site for our first seven years. We have stayed strong in our belief as being a serious competitor in the FSU athletics coverage game without little to no help from outside funding and growth all being built organically.

We’ve always focused on providing entertaining and informative content for our followers, readers, and listeners since day one. Ever since starting NoleGameday in 2013, I’ve always had the drive to compete. A lot of that competitive energy is what has brought NoleGameday to what it is today. A lot of gratitude goes to the team members we’ve had on board with us throughout our journey willing to put their nose down and grind. For the past five years, it’s been a pleasure to work alongside Dustin Lewis, NoleGameday’s lead writer & editor. His competitive energy is contagious to our entire team and it won’t ever leave. (I also won’t ever let him leave) 

Since a little kid, I’ve always known about Sports Illustrated. Everyone knows that name. As a little dude, I’d walk in a grocery store and always point to one of my favorite players on the magazine covers and tell my mom or dad to buy one. In all honesty, it was rare when I was successful in manipulating my parents to buy one but when I had my slim chances, I would spend that entire night in bed reading all of the headlines and stories one by one. They were like collectibles to me that I would stack up in my room. Now, fast-forwarding to my 24-year-old self, it is surreal to see NoleGameday’s name under THE Sports Illustrated. It’s craziness and I can’t thank all of my family members, friends, NoleGameday team members, mentors, and others enough. 

The Sports Illustrated team wants our content to be the same. We won’t be changing our name. Nothing is going away. Our team is set to bring Florida State athletics content to a whole new level. We will deliver more than ever before from football, basketball, recruiting, you name it. With the help from the team at Sports Illustrated, we will be able to enhance and strengthen our coverage in a variety of different ways which is scary to think of. I’m looking forward to the incredible opportunities our staff members will have at their fingertips to supply our 120,000+ followers under the NoleGameday brand and the more to come worldwide under our new network. 

Thank you to those that have believed in us. It was not an easy journey but I’m glad it wasn’t. We would have never made it to where we are today without those challenges. I’m extremely appreciative of the team at Maven Publishing for believing in us to represent Florida State athletics under the Sports Illustrated network and I know we’re ready to get after it. Let’s get this thing started. 

Dustin Lewis, lead writer and editor

It’s been nearly five years to the month since I joined NoleGameday in 2016. I didn’t know what to expect when Logan brought me on, I was relatively new to writing, especially about Florida State, and just wanted to do my best to prove myself. I worked my way up to lead writer/editor and have been more than grateful to hold that position for the last four years. As an Independent Site, I’ll be the first to say that we haven’t been given close to the amount of respect that we have deserved over my time here. All it has done is helped put the fuel on the fire and focus on the grind. From the late nights to the early mornings, we’ve put a lot into this and know that there is still a long way to go.

The goal at NoleGameday has always been to provide accurate and swift information about the Seminoles in a variety of avenues from digital media, podcasts, and the Discord. We’re always looking at ways to improve our reach and do our part to push the market to be its absolute best.

With that being said, I’m proud to announce that NoleGameday will be joining the Sports Illustrated network as an entity of FanNation. We’ll be the exclusive site for Florida State news for one of the premier brands in sports media. Our name and staff will remain the same, with some possible additions in the future. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to increase our quality of content and legitimacy under Sports Illustrated.

I’m not going to lie, it feels good that NoleGameday has earned this completely organically. This business was and is truly built from the ground up. From high school kids, to college students, to college graduates, the commitment has never changed. Through adversity and setbacks along the way, our eye has always been on the prize. We’ve dreamed and fought for an opportunity like this and now it’s time to prove we belong.

This is just the first step.

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Austin Veazey, lead basketball writer

This is a big moment for us. We’ve been a proud independent site for a long time now, and the growth and support we’ve seen recently has been amazing. Not only with our articles, but with our Discord server and Patreon members, our podcast Hear the Spear, and our social media presence as well. 

I’ve worked tirelessly the last two years to bring the best Florida State basketball coverage on the beat and bring a perspective that many people don’t have given my time in the program, and to educate fans on this team that has emerged as an elite program in the last half decade. That won’t be changing. With the help of Jacob Stevens, who’s going to help me out a ton covering recruiting, we’re going to continue being at the forefront of Florida State basketball coverage for the foreseeable future.

And now we’ll be doing it with the backing of Sports Illustrated. We plan on expanding our coverage even more, hoping to do film reviews every so often throughout the season so we can really cement our status as the best basketball coverage in Tallahassee. Having the name recognition of a publication like Sports Illustrated is finally going to provide us with the legitimacy that a lot of people never wanted to give us. 

All of us at NoleGameday are incredibly excited and grateful to all of the people over at SI for this opportunity. We’ve got a lot in store for all of our followers and we look forward to what should be an exciting and eventful season covering the Seminoles.

Nate Greer, lead recruiting writer

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been covering FSU recruiting on and off for 15 years. In 2006, when I started calling recruits for Brandon Mellor at http://Scout.com’s FSU site, NoleDigest, I didn’t know I’d still be doing this years later. 

That carried over to running NoleDigest with McKinley Rolle, then eventually myself becoming the publisher of the site until the end of 2009. 

I stepped away from that grind and pursued my career, but I always stayed closed to the program. The itch to get back into the game started in 2019 when I founded UnconqueredTalk with Steve Poyner and CJ Wilson. That’s when I started talking to Logan and Dustin about contributing to NoleGameday. 

George Bernard Shaw once said “Don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it.” That’s what we’ve done since I joined up over a year ago. We have worked hard as an independent site to be regarded as one of the best FSU sites around - competing in a market that has options on every corner. It’s been the hard work and dedication that’s led to this opportunity that starts today. We created this chance! 

Being on a platform like one Sports Illustrated provides will allow us to continue to grow as the go-to FSU site while legitimizing the work that has been done. It’ll be fun contributing to a media company I’ve long followed. 

One dream - covering FSU football and recruiting - is done. Now on to the next one - having an article on SI! We’re going to continue to prove that NoleGameday belongs!