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Florida State in constant contact with FIU offensive tackle transfer

The Seminoles are looking to pull another offensive tackle from FIU out of the transfer portal.

Miles Frazier entered the transfer portal this week. The former FIU standout offensive tackle has been contacted by coaches from all over the nation. Florida State is one of the programs that has contacted Frazier, extending an official offer to him Tuesday.

Miles Frazier's second recruitment is off to a hot start. After entering the transfer portal this week he has already earned 23 offers with a large group of other programs showing interest.

“Along with Florida State, I now have 23 offers,” Frazier said. “Syracuse, Tulane, Liberty, Wake, Arizona State, Houston, Kansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Colorado, Purdue, and Miami are some of the schools that have offered. The whole Big 10 has reached out and is talking to me, and I am talking to schools like Texas A&M, UCF, Oregon, North Carolina and N.C. State."

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The decision to enter the portal wasn’t an easy one for Fraizer. The 6’5”, 324-pound tackle signed with FIU in December 2019. After Butch Davis and his staff were fired he made the decision to look at other options, as well as schools on a bigger stage.

“The decision to enter the portal started out when got I got to FIU, 2 weeks later my offensive line coach left,” Frazier explained. “I decided to stay with FIU because I liked the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the strength staff, and just the staff as a whole. Recently the coaches here got fired, so that’s the first part. The second part is that here at FIU, program wise the coaches have been great, but I don’t think we have the support and resources to win. With everything going on right now I felt that I needed to find a place where I can play at a high level on a big stage. Whether it’s a program that’s winning now, or a program that wants to get better, I can help them. I want to go somewhere that is going to help me both on and off the field.”

“I had a really strong season,” Frazier continued. “I went against some good talent this season. I went up against the top 2 rushers in our conference and allowed zero sacks. I played really well against Texas Tech. I played against some All-Conference players, as well as some COVID seniors. I put some good stuff on tape.”

Florida State was one of the first programs to reach out to Miles when he entered the portal and they have been the program he’s heard from the most. Between that fact, and his relationship with recent offensive lineman Devontay Love-Taylor, FSU has caught his interest.

“I’ve talked to Jordan Travis as well as Devontay,” Frazier said. “I’ve known Devontay before all of this portal stuff started. He was my host when I visited FIU. I’ve talked to him three times yesterday and three times today. I look at him like a big brother - while I knew him for just a short time at FIU he told me that the offensive line coach was about to leave and that he was looking at FSU. He told me that before anyone and before it happened. I respect him and trust him. He told me that going to FSU would be a smart move. He was telling me about how it was when they beat Miami, just how much of a different feeling it was. He thinks I should go there.”

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“Jordan was telling me that they’re just a few pieces away,” Frazier said. “He thinks they need just a few more pieces to dominate. He was asking me things like where I was from, and telling me how the coaches are real and don’t sugar-coat things. He told me once they get those few pieces they are going to win.”

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The coaches have been in constant contact with Frazier. Look for Coach Atkins from FSU to go in-home with him this week.

“I was talking to Coach Norvell on FaceTime yesterday and today, and I have done the same with Coach Atkins,” Frazier said. “They have made me aware of their needs. I’m not going to lie - the coaches at FSU have been in contact with me the most out of any other school. I’m taking this slowly and focusing on building relationships in a short period of time. FSU is high though because of the love they’ve shown me. Coach Atkins is going to do an in-home visit with me Friday. I paid attention while watching Devontay play on the plane. Coach Atkins is a great coach. He said he is energized and fired up about me. He seems like a phenomenal coach and I look forward to meeting him in-person Friday.”

Miles has the intention to decide around the holidays and enroll at his new school in January.

“A lot of the coaches I’ve talked to have told me I am a top priority for them and that they’d wait for me which is humbling,” Frazier said. “95% of the coaches said I don’t have to make the decision in December but I want to decide right around or right after Christmas because I want to enroll in January. I want to get through the acclimation process, get into the winter program and get ready for spring. I think that’s crucial for my development. I’m going into my third year in college. I am still a freshman because of the COVID thing, but this is a really important year for me.”

Now that he’s older and more mature Miles plans on taking some visits and meeting coaches before he decides. He has a plan to see some schools within close proximity first and then go from there.

“I’m visiting Rutgers on Saturday, and I am going to visit schools that are convenient like FSU, Florida, Miami, North Carolina, N.C. State, Mississippi State and Ole Miss,” Frazier explained. “I’m more mature and older now so I am looking for a program to give to that will also give to me. I’ll visit these schools that are convenient and see what other schools show interest at a later date. I want to visit these schools and chop it up with the coaches to get to know them. Based off of these visits I will take like three officials. All of these will be back to back.”

FSU will continue to heavily pursue Miles as they look to bolster their offensive line talent. Stay tuned as we will follow up with him Friday after his in-home visit with Coach Atkins. 

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