2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Georgia Bulldogs Measurables

Chris Allen

The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis has begun and three Bulldogs have checked in so far. Sunday, QBs, TEs and WRs arrived in Indianapolis for registration and interviews.

Early Monday morning, QB Jake Fromm, TE Charlie Woerner, and WR Lawrence Cager all received their measurements.

One of the biggest questions for Fromm was his hand size measurement and how that would affect his draft stock. He measured in at an unfavorable 8 and ⅞ inches, exactly an inch smaller than the NFL average.

Although this isn’t great, Jake’s are only an eighth of an inch shorter than QBs Ryan Tannehill and Jared Goff who both have led their teams to multiple playoff appearances and each respective Conference Championship.

Jake was also measured at 6’1 and ⅞ inches, weighing 219 pounds and having an arm length of 31 and ⅞ inches. He finished his three-year career at UGA with a 63.3 completion percentage, passing for 8236 yards. In that stint, he threw for 78 TDS and only 18 INTs. Measurables aside, Jake brings a lot to the table with an off the charts football IQ and innate leadership ability. If he has proven anything, he is fairly consistent and is capable of performing in a pro-style offense.

Also at the combine, wide receiver Lawrence Cager, after one year with UGA measured in 6’4 and ¾ inches tall, 220 pounds and a hand size identical to that of Fromm’s. He also measured an impressive 79 and ⅜ inch wingspan and an arm length of 33 and ⅜ inches. 

Cager had 33 receptions on the year compiling 476 yards and 4TDs before his season was cut short due to an ankle injury that has since recovered. Cager proved to be a very physical receiver and he quickly formed a connection with Fromm on some spectacular back shoulder pass catches.

Finally, TE Charlie Woerner measured in at 6’4 and ⅝ inches tall, weighing 244 pounds and having a hand size of 10 inches on his left, but only 9.5 on his right due to a pinky deformation. In his four years at UGA, he caught 34 passes for 376 yards and a TD. His low numbers could be attributed to an offense that rarely threw to its TEs, but one thing to note for Charlie was his run blocking ability which could boost his stock in the NFL, ranking second in the nation for TEs in run blocking grade according to PFF.

Group Two Measurements: 

Rodrigo Blankenship measured in at 6'1, 190 pounds. Not that height and weight on a kicker matter, but it's worth noting he's no small guy by normal standards. 

Solomon Kindley has measured in at 6-3 2/8” 337 pounds with 32 2/8” arms. He doesn’t exactly have an “elite” frame but we knew that going into the process. He’s a road grader and efficient mover in space at almost 340 pounds. Scouts rave about his run blocking ability and he’s more than held his own alongside Andrew Thomas during his career. 

Andrew Thomas has measured in at 6’5 1/8”, 315 pounds with 36 1/8” arms. So he’s checked all of the boxes with NFL height and actually has long arms for NFL standards. One thing to note, Thomas was listed at 330 pounds on the UGA roster this season so perhaps we could see a rather quick 40-time. 

Thomas has been stacked up against tackles like Jedrick Wills and Tristan Wirfs and early mock drafts have favored the Bama and Iowa tackle respectively over the Jacobs trophy winner from Georgia. Wills and Wirfs both came in with 34” arms. 

Isaiah Wilson is one of the bigger players at this year’s NFL combine. Today, he measure in at 6-6 4/8”, 350 pounds with 35 4/8” arms. So despite being over an inch taller than Thomas, he actually has shorter arms. Wilson is going to have to silence questions surrounding his range of motion and foot speed this week in Indy.

Brian Herrien is the  same in at 5’11 1/8” and 209 pounds. The perennial sidekick in the Georgia backfield has an opportunity to really flash this week during the combine. He’s got great ball skills, and though he isn’t expected to light the 40-yard dash up, he should look excellent in the field drills. 

D’Andre Swift measured in at 5’8 2-8” and 212 pounds. The running back out of Philadelphia will need to run in the 4.5 range to remain at first round projection. Though anything in the 4.6’s shouldn’t deter scouts too much. When you invest in Swift your betting on his short area quickness and ability to make people miss. The short shuttle and L-Cone drill are something to watch for with Swift.

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