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Auburn Wasting No Time Giving Georgia Bulletin Board Material

Some of Auburn's players didn't even wait until Monday to give Georgia the bulletin board material. Several players have already began the trash talk.

Georgia certainly looked like a sleeping giant on Saturday against Arkansas. They scored a messily five points in the first half, two of which came via a safety by the defense, and they had 11 penalties for 98 yards. They certainly turned a corner in the second half, scoring 32 points, but they needed to be woken up that is for sure. 

This week, Auburn has wasted no time poking the bear. Two of their players didn't even wait until Monday to give this Georgia team bulletin board material on both sides of the ball. 

Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz, who had a total of (-8) yards receiving a year ago in the game against Georgia, when asked about the UGA talented secondary said "We're not scared of any secondary." 

If those comments had come from a guy like Seth Williams, who had 121 yards on 13 catches a year ago, one would understand. But for Schwartz to have those comments? I wouldn't doubt it if Monday's position meetings for the defensive backs begin with Schwartz's comments on the screen. 

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As for that Auburn defense that lost their two star defensive tackles from a year ago and a couple of defensive backs as well, they seem to think there will be no challenge this week facing Georgia. 

When asked about whether or not Georgia presents a unique challenge of preparing for the Bulldogs without knowing who their starting quarterback will be, defensive tackle Daquan Newkirk responded, "There's no challenge. We've got Coach Steele. He's the best of the best." 

Now, admittedly, I do believe Kevin Steele is a first-rate defensive mind in college football. I also admit that football players are inherently irrationally confident. They have to be. How else would you convince yourself to play such a physical game if you didn't think you were bulletproof? 

However, every coach's dream is to wake up on Monday morning with a team that's as hungry as Georgia is from a poor week 1 performance, only for that hunger to be compounded by your next opponent telling you you're no challenge. 

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