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As is the case for all of Georgia's contests this season, Kirby Smart's team will look to wear down the Florida Gators with a heavy dose of the big boys upfront on the offensive line. 

Kirby Smart isn't bashful or secretive about his football ideology or gameplan headed into most matchups, and with the offensive line that he and Coach Sam Pittman have put together in their time in Athens, it's proven to be a winning formula, for the most part. 

See, the problem with attacking every gameplan with strictly a "my guys will wear down your guys" mindset is, every once in awhile, you'll run into a front seven that can last the full four rounds with you in a fistfight. 

Like Georgia fans witnessed against South Carolina. SC's defensive line averages 6'4, 276 pounds with two monsters in the middle, Javon Kinlaw and Kobe Smith, both on the Northside of 300 pounds. Combat that, with UGA not only having their worst performance upfront to date, but also four turnovers, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster. 

Georgia rushed for 173 yards on 43 attempts against South Carolina, that's an average of 4.0 yards per rush. Compare that with their average yards per rush on the season, 6.2, and you've identified the issue. 

So, that brings us to Saturday's game in Jacksonville, with expected AM rain showers. Across from the Georgia offensive line that averages 6'6" 330-340 pounds (depending upon who's starting at guard) will be a fully healthy Florida defensive line. 

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With the return of both Jabari Zuniga and Jonathan Greenard from ankle issues, the front seven from Florida becomes slightly more stout. However, this front seven is a bit light in the rear end, to say the least. 

Jonathan Greenard and Kyree Campbell

Jonathan Greenard and Kyree Campbell

Their starting front four average 6'3.5" 272 pounds, and if it weren't for Kyree Campbell in the middle, it'd be much lower. Campbell weighs in at 320 pounds and is the only 300-pounder on the two-deep upfront for Florida. 

However, for what Florida lacks in sheer size upfront, they will counter with experience. The starting front four for Florida has played in 130 games in total, an average of 32.5 appearances per starter. To say they've figured out ways to play with leverage and hold their ground against SEC caliber offensive linemen is an understatement. 

To me, the battle between Georgia's offensive line and Florida's defensive line will determine the result of this game. If Georgia gets itself into situations where they aren't breaking runs and wearing down that Gators defense, the Dawgs will be in for a long day in Jacksonville. 

Additionally, Georgia at some point in this football game will need to relieve pressure from the box. Opponents have inevitably had to load the box to stop the run against Georgia and they will continue to do so until UGA proves they can take a deep shot. 

Jake Fromm is averaging 8.08 yards per attempt this season, the lowest of any starting QB in the SEC. In my opinion, if Georgia is victorious Saturday it will be because of an overbearing front, sprinkled with a few explosive plays via play-action pass.