CBS Expert Says Most Overrated SEC Team is Georgia

Brooks Austin

There's a lot of questions headed into the 2020 football season for Georgia, none of which revolve around the amount of talent on the Georgia roster. Reasonable questions can be presented about the number of changes along the offense that must be implemented and made smoothly in order for the Bulldogs to live up to the hype in 2020. 

CBS College Football expert, Barrett Sallee has gone on the record saying that of all the SEC schools ranked in the Top-10 of the preseason rankings, it's Georgia that is the most overrated. 

"It's gotta be the Georgia Bulldogs, and look I think Georgia when it comes to talent, they've got the talent and that defense has been next level good and they will continue to be next level good. But, you have to have enough offense. And look, I'm not buying the Jamie Newman hype. Against good competition, he's just been okay, and that's with good talent, just go ask Sage Surratt where he's intends to go in the NFL Draft. So, when you look at Georgia with the truncated offseason, with the new offense coordinator in Todd Monken, with the rebuilt offensive line, with a number one running back in Zamir White who has not been an every down back, with a wide receiving core that just lost it's second best receiver in Dominick Blaylock, and has a receiver in George Pickens that's going to be double teamed consistently, I just don't know how you expect Georgia to be consistent enough on offense to score enough points." 

Before you destroy Barrett Sallee, just know that all of the questions he presented are warranted. There are two things however that I'd counter with in regards to his stand. 

Wake Forest may have had Sage Surratt last season, and he's a great player, but he only played 9 games last season, and he didn't play against Wake Forrest's "good competition." He was out against Clemson and he was out agianst Michigan State. 

As for the comments about Zamir White, though his skillset is more similar to a Leonard Fournette type of running back, a two down back, he hasn't had the opportunity to prove he can be a three down back. He was third on the depth chart a year ago. Not to mention, Monken's history as an offensive coordinator would lead you to beleive he plays multiple backs anyways. Kareem Hunt was the pass catching back in Cleveland a year ago, he had more receptions than Nick Chubb in half the amount of games played. And that didn't stop Nick Chubb from rushing for 1,494 yards (second most in the NFL.) 

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Chris Allen
Chris Allen

While there are some things left to be seen on this offense, there was so much left to be desired last year that I can’t fathom how this year will be anything but an improvement. The talent at WR has improved, the O-line appears to be as strong as it was even after the loss of 3 players to the draft and Mays to UT, and Georgia is known by many as RBU. I have zero doubt that Zamir White steps up and is “that guy.” He just hasn’t had his chance yet. Jamie Newman doesn’t have to be excellent every game for this team to win games.


I hate to say it, but he had some good point. There's a lot of changing parts on an offense that struggled last year.