Demetris Robertson Says They Will Be Vocal About Switching Things Up

Brooks Austin

The LSU Tigers made glaring changes to their offensive system this off-season. Thirteen wins, an SEC championship, a Heisman trophy on the way, and a trip to the College Football Playoff later, and those changes have paid dividends.

Demetris Robertson, once the nation's #1 wide receiver in the nation according to, had 837 yards as a freshman in a similar spread style offense out at Cal before transferring to Georgia. In two seasons at Georgia, he has just 333 yards receiving in a pro-style offense. 

It's something he spoke about after the 37-10 loss to LSU in the SEC Championship game. And he wasn't afraid to say they might need to switch things up a bit on the offensive end. 

When asked the differences between the Cal offense that he had so much success in and the Georgia offense Robertson responded: 

"Cal's a spread offense. You know here it's more of a running offense. Cal is more like LSU, Georgia is more of a bread and butter and run game offense, not a pass-happy offense." 

We asked him if that's something Georgia could look to add into their offense this offseason he said: 

"Oh for sure, there's a lot of things we could do to make our offense more explosive. The timing with the receivers and stuff like that." 

Robertson was then asked if the player that would be back would be vocal about switching things up a little bit: 

"For sure, I think the coaches see it themselves. We will work on that for sure." 

Even Kirby Smart said earlier in the week that modern offenses are putting up so many points that you have no other option than to match them because stopping them sometimes is not possible, as we saw in tonight's game against Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers.