Georgia Football Adapted, Attacked and Improved

Quarantine set college football programs into a whirlwind of confusion. But that didn't stop Georgia from finding a way to adapt to the situation and get better.
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Spring break had come for the University of Georgia and for football players this was a great time for them to go home and get some workouts in at their local high schools and with their trainers. That was until COVID-19 put all plans to a halt and created chaos across the nation. 

Amidst this time of confusion though, strength and conditioning coach Scott Sinclair saw this moment as an opportunity to motivate others to get better each and every day. Dating all the way back to March 17th, Sinclair began posting daily workout videos on his twitter page that consisted of items that anyone could find lying around the house. 

The shovel lying around became a pull-up bar, paint cans, coolers and oranges became weights, and driveways and garages became gyms. 

Coach Sinclair's motivation was so contagious that players quickly began posting their own videos and challenging Coach Sinclair at attempting the workout. 

"I was just trying to look at a way to help out so I thought I would post a workout a day or every other day" Coach Sinclair explained. In other words, practice may have been canceled but coaching wasn't. 

Coach Sinclair's drive to help players improve quickly trickled down to the nutrition program at Georgia as well. Director of Football Performance Nutrition, Collier Perno, began posting videos on twitter called "Try it Tuesday."

Perno showcased in the videos how to make different dishes and great sides to encourage players to eat right during the quarantine. The dishes varied from BBQ Chicken, Baked Pasta, and other easy home-cooked meals. Perno was also able to keep track of a player's calorie intake by having them send in pictures of what they were eating at home. 

This made players stay locked in on their nutrition and making sure they were eating right while also making sure they got their daily workout in as well. 

The Georgia football team goes about each and every day with the mindset to "Attack the Day" and all though it felt as if the world had stopped the Georgia football staff didn't stop finding ways to attack every day and improve. 

Kirby Smart may be better known for the way he adapts on the fly during games, but the way he and his staff adapted to change over the past couple of months could be the biggest difference-maker this season. 

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