Georgia Football Commit, Brock Vandagriff Talks Elite 11 Finals

Brooks Austin

Day three of the Elite 11 Finals is typically reserved for 7on7 competition where each quarterback leads a team on the final day of competition. Though due to the coronavirus restrictions in the state of Tennessee, that was not aloud this year. So, instead they Trent Dilfer put together what we are calling an accuracy gauntlet challenge. 

Eight different throws, from eight different platforms, spread all across the field, requiring the quarterbacks to run in between stations and compete on a time and accuracy based scoring system. Georgia commit, Brock Vandagriff finished with a time of 1:43 seconds taking home the victory without a single quarterback dipping below the two-minute mark. 

We caught up with Vandagriff following the workout to get his thoughts on the experience as a whole, and taking home the victory today. 

Vandagriff on the experience as a whole: 

"Pretty good. I mean, I think I left some stuff out in the field I wish I wouldn't have. There were some throws that I wish I could have got back but in the end, I made some great relationships, and I'm glad I came out." 

Vandagriff on what he learned from the experience: 

"I learned so much. I mean, they gave us a journal the first day and I looked at it, and I wasn't sure if I was gonna write much. I think I looked it this morning and there are twelve pages from like four or five sessions so I'm gonna be able to look back on a lot. I took a lot of notes and some of the coaches some of the stuff that they've taught me some stuff I've never heard and some of the stuff that I'll take back to Prince (Avenue)"

On winning the accuracy gauntlet: 

"Uh, it was pretty good. I mean, I think I would probably just credit my conditioning during the quarantine. People were just given out and my legs were a little tired. But I mean, in the end, you've got to be mentally tough and if the balls dropping, you got to put some more oomph into it I guess."

Brock's conditioning levels are something I noticed during the first workout session. A session where a young QB is being asked to throw 65 to 70 balls will really test the shape in which an athlete is in, and Vandagriff remained the same powerful thrower throughout. During the accuracy gauntlet, at one point I noticed Brock was smiling at the time in the drill where others were gasping for air. 

Vandagriff closed with his thoughts on his upcoming senior season: 

"We play a game in Texas and a game on ESPN. So looking forward to those two for sure. And if we survive those two, I think we got a good shot at state so looking forward to that."

All in all, it was a really good week for Vandagriff. Stay tuned for our upcoming rankings from the event as well as comments from Trent Dilfer on what he saw from the Georgia commit during the Elite 11 event. 

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Brooks not one UGA related question? Come on man....You know that we are only interested in Brock bc of his connection to UGA. I certainly enjoyed reading about his Elite 11 experience but a few UGA related recruiting questions would’ve been nice. I’d like to know who he is recruiting right now and how things are going behind the scenes. I hope Brock will step up and lead our class but he hasn’t been very active recently on social media. Brooks do you think Brock remains solid in his commitment?