Injury Update: Georgia's Dominick Blaylock Having Incredible Rehab

We caught up with Dominick Blaylock's trainer, Bret Cooper to see just how far Dominick Blaylock has come in his recovery.
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It's 3rd & 3 midway through the first quarter of the SEC championship game, Georgia is already down their two top receivers in Lawerence Cager (Injury) and George Pickens (first half suspension) and already down 7-0. 

Dominick Blaylock catches an 11-yard pass from Jake Fromm and immediately drops to the turf grabbing his knee. A non-contact injury usually means some type of ACL sprain or tear has occurred, and that's exactly what happened. 

Blaylock's stellar freshman season comes to an end, but in the words of Atlanta's own Migos, "A minor setback for a major comeback." 

We've recently spoken with Dominick Blaylock's trainer, Bret Cooper who began working with Blaylock in early March, a mere three months after surgery. 

"I have never seen anything like it. I don't think he's human, man." Where Cooper's comments upon seeing Blaylock come into his facility over at The Athlete Factory in Roswell, Georgia. 


Blaylock was back running in a straight line and doing latter work in March, and by the time he left to return back to campus in Athens a little over a week ago, Blaylock was back to running routes on air. 

He and his former Walton high school teammate and now current teammate after transferring back to his home state, Austin Kirksey were throwing routes on air before he even returned to campus.  

"He's just the kind of guy that you can tell to take it slow, but the moment drills get going he's taking off. And what's been most shocking is he has no soreness. I just haven't seen anything like it." 

As for when Blaylock will be making his return to form on Saturdays, it seems the gameplan is to take things slow, even though as of right now he so far ahead of the schedule in terms of rehab on the knee. 

The only remaining point of concern is Blaylock's conditioning level. After remaining confined to minor movement skills and rehab techniques for the better part of three months before being cleared to run in a straight line, some expected weight was gained. 

According to Cooper, Blaylock was weighing in at 207 pounds, he was listed at 195 pounds on the UGA roster last season. 

As we've mentioned here on Dawgs Daily before, there's no rush to get Blaylock ready for the opening game of the season against Virginia or even the week two matchup against East Tennessee State. The goal appears to be to have him primed and ready for the Alabama game on September 19th. 

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