Georgia Football Fan Vote: 85 Percent Willing to Attend Games

With COVIID-19 still lingering in the thoughts of players, coaches and programs alike, we felt it necessary to ask the fans if they would attend games this fall.
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COVID-19 has changed the way of life for millions across the globe. From daily Zoom meetings, your favorite local restaurant having to close, to the threat of a lost college football season. All of our lives have been impacted in one way or another. 

There's been plenty of talk surrounding what a college football season this fall will ultimately look like. Georgia's athletic department has released their severely extensive plan for a return to games this fall with three options. 

  1. No fans at games. 
  2. A limited number of fans, adhering to social distancing rules
  3. Normal fan attendance. 

Obviously that's an extremely condensed way of summing up a 250-page document that was released last week, however that's the summation essentially. So, it begs the question. 

If fans are allowed to attend a Georgia football game this fall, just how many of them will want to attend considering the virus is expected to still be lingering in a confined space with 93,000+ fans screaming and hollering might not be the best environment with the spread of a novel disease such as coronavirus. 

So, we asked you all. If you're allowed to attend games this fall, will you go? And to no surprise, the Georgia fan base is overwhelming prepared to attend: 

85.2% of the voters on a poll of 541 voters said they would indeed be attending games at Sanford Stadium this fall, given they are allowed entry. 

One reader had the following response: 

"Put me in the YES group!! We need to remember that most people feel strongly both ways, so if someone really has issues with going, then kindly & politely remind them that they might be safer staying home. Shouldn’t bother the rest of us at all, right?" -@LuvsDawgs

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