Georgia Fans Have Spoken, They Want D'Wan Mathis

Brooks Austin

Fan. It's a prefix for the word fanatic. Fanatical is the exact word any outside observer would choose to use about most SEC fanbases, but especially the Georgia fanbase. Especially with regards to the quarterback position. 

They voice their opinion, they want it heard, and more often times than not, it is. 

And when it comes to this year's quarterback battle, they've made their choice clear. They want D'Wan Mathis, and rightfully so. 

What a story this would be. A young man that's arrival at Georgia is due in part to the departure of Justin Fields. As Fields was on his way to Ohio State, Mathis was flipping to Georgia. A highly touted prospect out of Michigan, Mathis arrived with high expectations and within months, his life was drastically changed. 

After D'wan Mathis complained of headaches and sinus pain, Georgia's medical director Ron Courson recognized the signs of a cyst and rushed Mathis to the emergency room. An MRI showed a buildup of fluid around his brain. Mathis was in surgery mere hours later. A life-saving decision by Ron Courson. 

“We thank God for Ron Courson’s expertise and his medical team, because without them I don’t think all of this would have been possible for D’Wan,” Terence Mathis told Dawgnation. “I believe Georgia saved my son’s life."

Now, Mathis is back to full health, fully cleared, and is ready to take the reins of this Georgia offense. 

It may seem like some silly Twitter interaction, but the response to this tweet was overwhelming and it speaks for itself: 

I also do believe Georgia is ready to see something exciting at the position, and Mathis is exactly that. He's an incredible athlete, one that has continuously proven to make big plays throughout camp with his legs and throws on the run. I do believe Georgia fans are ready to watch a quarterback that is willing to take deep shots down the field, and Mathis is exactly that. 

I'll never forget watching Mathis in person for the first time. He's a towering prospect. Obviously, at 6'6 he stands over the top of most on the football field, even at Georgia. But he runs onto the field and throws 5-10 balls to warm up, and then immediately begins to launch bombs all across the field. Running to his right, 50 yards on a rope. Running to his left, clearing his hips and flicking a ball 50 yards on the dot. 

I fully expect him to make mistakes if and when he does take over the job in Athens, but it's sure as heck going to be fun to watch. He's a playmaker, he's a shooting guard playing the quarterback position and he wants to score the ball. Constantly. 

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Kyle Funderburk
Kyle Funderburk

How can you not root for Mathis?