Georgia Football FrankenRB: Building the Best RB from the 2020 stable

Kyle Funderburk

Georgia is called "Running Back U" for a reason. The Bulldogs always have a stable of solid running backs on the roster and 2020 is no different. James Cook is the most experienced member of the group, but Zamir White had a more impressive campaign in 2019 and Kenny McIntosh shined at times. New to the stable this year is Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards.

What would one running back with each of their best features look like? How dominant could this theoretical FrankenRB be?


Vision for a running back is all about scanning the field and finding running room. On Georgia's roster, the running back with the best vision is Kendall Milton. He processes information on the field at a rapid speed. Before he receives the handoff, Milton has already found the best route. That's the first thing that stands out on Milton's highlight film and it's a trait that he can easily carry over from high school.


This trait easily goes to James Cook. By far the smallest running back on Georgia's roster, Cook turns his small frame into a weapon. He's fast and able to change direction in an instant, making him hard to catch and harder to corral. 


Zamir White doesn't run away from defenders, he prefers to plow through them. White doesn't seem to be satisfied unless he's able to hit someone. White's power comes from a balanced frame. He has thick legs that build momentum and a strong upper body that delivers punishing hits to defenders. There's no easy way to bring White down.


If there's one back on Georgia's roster who can play on every down, it's Daijun Edwards. For starters, he's an effective ball carrier, a good pass blocker and a solid receiver out of the backfield. Where Edwards takes his durability to another level is by being more productive as his workload increases. Edwards career-high in yards-per-carry came during his junior year when he also set a career-high in carries-per-game.


This is a tough one because none of Georgia's five backs are known for having a bad attitude. From what we've seen so far, Kenny McIntosh squeaks past his teammates. Why? Because despite barely touching the ball last season, McIntosh still produced. He wasn't bitter about his spot on the depth chart, he kept grinding and made the most out of the few opportunities he had, culminating with an impressive performance in the Sugar Bowl.

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Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


I like all of your selections. And if anybody had questions about the Edwards selection, that dude played 4 years worth of a massive workload in South Georgia Football. He’s a grown man