Kirby Smart’s Thoughts on Georgia’s Second Spring Scrimmage

Rain impacted Saturday's scrimmage, but it didn't put a damper on head coach Kirby Smart's mood.

Saturday, the Dawgs were on the field for their second scrimmage of spring practice. It was the final scrimmage the Dawgs will have before they take the field for the G-Day game on Saturday, April 17. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart shared his overall thoughts on the scrimmage with reporters following the practice.

He said, “I was pleased with the effort and enthusiasm at the scrimmage. It probably was not the best execution we have had from an execution standpoint offensively or defensively. But I thought the effort and enthusiasm was good.”

Rainy weather provided the backdrop for Saturday’s scrimmage and it’s likely the inclement weather in Athens hampered the execution on both sides of the ball. The Dawgs began the scrimmage outdoors, but were forced inside due to the rain.

The dreary weather didn’t douse the spirits of Smart as he told reporters, “We did have some rain and some wet balls, and it was really good to practice in that. Every year we end up with a game that has a threat of that or some rain, and I thought the players handled that well.”

Georgia fans hoping to get an idea of which side of the ball will take the lead for the team this year will have to wait for the G-Day game, as Smart didn’t indicate which stood out during the scrimmage. He was more forthcoming when asked what the focus was for the scrimmage.

Smart said, “Second (and) 10, third down, end-of-game scenarios, three or four different clock management situations, a 1:50 no time outs when you have to score, a 1:50 no timeouts and must get a first down to win the game, which happens in our conference a lot.”

Georgia fans certainly hope the Dawgs won’t find themselves in many close games this season. Still, they can rest assured that Smart and the Georgia coaches will have them prepared just in case.