Georgia Football: Ladd McConkey Looks Like a Different Football Player

Ladd McConkey is set to enroll at Georgia in a little over a week's time. And he looks like a completely different football player than when I last saw him.
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5'10, 163 pounds soaking wet and fresh off a basketball season. That was Ladd McConkey back in early March when I pulled up to North Murray high school to watch him workout. 

Not only was it his first day back working football-specific drills, but early on in the football season, McConkey had an avulsion tear of his hamstring which is so severe that the muscle actually pulls a piece of the bone with it. 

Of course, being the starting quarterback of his high school team, and it being his senior season, Ladd wasn't about to sit out. Now, he's finally reaching the point to where he's fully healthy and back to a resemblance of normality. 

Not only that, but he's also 13 pounds heavier, now up to 176 in a matter of a little over two months. When I say he looks like a completely different football player, I don't mean it lightly. 

I spoke to Ladd about what he's been doing to improve his play: 

First on the weight gain, "Honestly, every single day I just forced myself to eat, eat, and eat more even when I wasn't hungry. And also dedicated myself to the weight room more than I ever have." 

Though he looks like a different person physically, his route running ability has increased drastically in a matter of months. Something he accredits to his high school wideouts coach, Nich Bartley and Terrence Edwards who he's been working with at least once a week: 

"It has definitely helped me gaining knowledge from a guy (Edwards) that had such great success during his career. I know what he is telling me is going to set me up for great things. I don't always get to work out with him because of the far drive though. Coach Bartley has also helped me so much because I am able to get at least one or two workouts with him a week. He also played at the college level and has helped me a ton making the transition back to WR from QB." 

One thing I know about McConkey is that this is simply the start of his progression as a football player. In a matter of months, he went from a guy that made me say "This guy is going to Georgia?" to "This guy is going to Georgia!" 

Here's footage from the first workout I saw back in March: 

He's also picking up the playbook fairly quickly as well. Which was to be expected from a guy that spent time at half a dozen positions in high school. 

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