Georgia Bulldogs Move Up In Latest AP Top 25

Following their dominant win over the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Georgia Bulldogs have moved up in the latest AP Poll.
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A new AP Poll is out, and your Georgia Bulldogs are on the rise. After the victory against South Carolina, the Bulldogs went up from No. 13 in the polls to No. 11.

We will see how the College Football Playoff committee views Georgia after the win in the next coming days. They had Georgia at No. 9 in the initial rankings, four slots higher than the AP Poll had the Bulldogs last week. It is no secret that they love the SEC teams, as Alabama, Texas A&M, and Florida were ranked No. 1, No. 5, and No. 6, respectfully.

As it always has been since the Florida loss, Georgia's playoff hopes rely on Florida losing both of their final two contests. 

Again, the AP Poll means little at this point but heading into next year, it would be nice for Georgia to continue to stack wins. Georgia used a blowout win over the Gamecocks to get young players some live-action, especially on the ball's defensive side. The college football rankings at this point are just a sign of future success for Georgia. Sure, they place value on what this roster currently looks like, but Georgia's is nearing mathematic elimination from College Football Playoff consideration. 

So, continue to get better with each opportunity, and look forward to finishing the season strong, which for the record has tremendous value. It speaks to the current culture at Georgia. In plenty of programs across the country, coaching staffs are struggling to get consistent effort and a willingness to fight to finish out the season. Be thankful Georgia is not one of those places. They proved Saturday night that they plan to finish the season strong. 

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