WATCH: Georgia Unveils New Jerseys for 2020 Season

Brooks Austin

The University of Georgia has unveiled two new jerseys for the 2020 season in honor of both the 1980 national champions and an update to the black jersey that have long been called for by Georgia fans. 

the 2020 season is the 40 year anniversary of the 1980-1981 national championship team and Georgia now has a throwback jersey to the white jerseys worn during that 1980 season with a "40" year patch on the right shoulder and new red pants to go along with the white jersey. 

RB, Zamir White in new uniform combination honoring 1980 National Champions. 

The black jerseys have been updated as well with a a collar of shorts going around the top of the jersey near the neck. 

Zamir White, Mark Webb and Prather Hudson were the players seen in the video displaying the three new uniform combinations. 

Here's the video from Georgia's Twitter account: 

Georgia's fan have long clamored for the black jerseys to make a return to action in a prime time football game only for Kirby Smart to respond with his phrase of "Keep the main thing the main thing." However, it appears they will be returning to action this fall during the 2020 football season.


As for when they will elect to wear these jerseys this season? That is obviously still the question left to be answered. Though the white jersey with the red pants is a possibility for their prime time road game against Alabama in Tuscaloosa on October 17th. 

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1981 National champs?

Matt Solorio
Matt Solorio

The black is clean

John Garcia Jr.
John Garcia Jr.

Red pants ✔️

Dog Collar ✔️

Keep the uGA vibes ✔️

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

This might make the traditionalists sick to their stomach but these uniform combos are fantastic!

Kyle Funderburk
Kyle Funderburk

Finally, I've been waiting for red pants on the road for years