Official Measurements for Georgia Players at Senior Bowl

There are multiple former Georgia Bulldogs that are at the Senior Bowl this week. Here is the list, and how their official measurements.

There are multiple former Georgia Bulldogs that are present this week at the Senior Bowl. Following is the list along with their official measurements (totals for wingspan, arm length and hand size are inches):

  • DB Mark Webb: 6-1, 210 / Wingspan: 79.18 / Arm Length: 32.18 / Hand Size: 10.18
  • TE Tre McKitty: 6-4, 247 / Wingspan: 81 / Arm Length: 32.28 / Hand Size: 11
  • DL Malik Herring: 6-3, 283 / Wingspan: 82 / Arm Length: 32.5 / Hand Size: 10.5
  • OL Ben Cleveland: 6-6, 354 / Wingspan: 79 / Arm Length: 33 / Hand Size: 9.75
  • DB DJ Daniel: 5-11, 183 / Wingspan: 81 / Arm Length: 33 / Hand Size: 9.18
  • LB Monty Rice: 6-0, 238 / Wingspan: 75 / Arm Length: 30.45 / Hand Size: 8.62

Each will be on the South team for the game Saturday, which is led by Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule and his staff. Rhule coached against Georgia last season in the Sugar Bowl when he was the head coach of the Baylor Bears.

Jim Nagy, executive director of the Senior Bowl, had some interesting things to say about this group of Bulldogs throughout the week. He said he expected tight end Tre McKitty to be the breakout player of the week.

This experience will prove crucial to almost every player on the above list. Scouts have very specific things they want these players to do, and much of their draft stock will hinge on this week.

For example, there have been reports that teams want defensive back Mark Webb to try playing safety instead of his natural cornerback position in the slot. Offensive lineman Ben Cleveland was expected to dominate the NFL Combine before the announcement that the entire event was becoming virtual, making these next few days vital for him. Defensive lineman Malik Herring can continue to show scouts that even though his impact may not show up on the stat sheet, he is a solid player, and cornerback DJ Daniel can continue to build on his solid reputation.

The only member of the group who may not have a lot to prove is Rice. He has been dominant these past few seasons and most scouts likely already have a large sample size. He is in attendance to confirm what scouts already believe.