Jake Fromm's Rookie Madden Rating Revealed

Brooks Austin

Jake Fromm exited the University of Georgia with his name draped all over the football record book. Fourth all-time in yards. First in completion percentage. First in TD/INT ratio. Second in touchdowns thrown. Second in wins as a starter. 

Despite a heralded career in Athens, he fell down draft boards all the way to the fifth round where the Buffalo Bills picked drafted him with comments from their general manager, Brandon Beane that Jake Fromm was "just too good of a player to pass up" at that point in the draft. 

Now, entering his rookie year in the NFL, Fromm has received his rookie rating from Madden. 

Here's where he ranks among all of the other rookie QB's: 

  1. Joe Burrow - 76 OVR
  2. Tua Tagovailoa - 73 OVR
  3. Jordan Love - 71 OVR
  4. Justin Herbert - 70 OVR
  5. Jalen Hurts - 68 OVR
  6. Jacob Eason - 63 OVR
  7. Jake Fromm - 62 OVR
  8. Cole McDonald - 60 OVR
  9. James Morgan - 60 OVR
  10. Jake Luton - 59 OVR

Known more for his accuracy and whit, Fromm received a 79 rating in accuracy from Madden. That finished behind Eason, Love, and Cole McDonald. All of whom finished their collegiate careers with a lesser completion percentage than Fromm. 

Fromm did, however, have the highest injury rating of the rookie QBs. His 96 rating is consistent with him never having missed a start throughout his collegiate career at Georgia. 

Fromm isn't exactly a lock to make the final roster this fall for the Buffalo Bills. They of course how Josh Allen as their starter and franchise quarterback, as well as Matt Barkley and Davis Webb. 

Most NFL teams typically carry three quarterbacks, but in a time where one positive coronavirus test leaves you in quarantine for 14 days, they could carry more than normal. 

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Don't be so sure about Fromm making the Bills roster. Even before the text messages came out he still had hos work cut out for him.


He will make the Bills roster. Why are you people ragging on Fromm. How soon you forget.